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Project – Ultimate Wiktionary[edit]

(Started June 5, 2005)

There is a project under way to develop the next generation of software to support Wiktionaries. Or, more accurately, to support one Wiktionary for all languages, as one database. There is much debate about the name – the resulting project may well not be called "Ultimate" Wiktionary – but it currently serves as a project name. (Personally, I prefer "Unified Wiktionary," myself :) +sj +

This project has been underway for a long time, but much of the discussion has been conducted in Meta: and on mailing lists, as it relates across all Wiktionaries, not just the English language Wiktionary, even though the English language Wiktionary to-date has been the multi-language Wiktionary project to some extent. This project is part of an effort to change this, mostly in the form of links to other related pages.

Well, that's the theory. Anyone who knows where the information is, please provide the links:


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