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Replacement filing cabinet.svg This page is no longer active. It is being kept for historical interest.
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This is the introduction page of the Project Multilingual Translations. The project is in the initial stage of being proposed and policy-framed. Kindly visit the discussion page to see all suggestions and development of the project.

Presently many contributors are working dedicatedly for giving translations of various words in the languages that they know. The efforts of all persons working here are very much appreciable. But unfortunately, these efforts are scattered. This is the point, to be considered. If these efforts are co-ordinated and at least some words are regularly targeted for real all-language translations by contributors from all languages, at least those words will have the complete translations, as is the dream of the Wiktionary. To achieve that, we are trying to coordinate the contributions from all languages on the platform of Project Multilingual Translations. This is not an altogether new concept. Already similar-motivated projects like Translations of the week etc are functioning nicely. PMT is extension of all such projects & expects much faster development in providing translations with some advanced features those would be very soon declared after finalizing.

Do consider contributing for PMT regularly for your mother language and other languages known to you.


This initial list of words was drawn up to reflected terms that would need to be understood for one to make simple edits in other Wiktionaries. Wikimedia terms (edit, save, etc.) are able to be set in a user's preferences, so that leaves common terms that are in the body of the entries that would have to be understood. Please add terms and mark the status of languages you are familiar with.

You can categorize terms using:

  • if both the Foreign language term has an entry AND it is linked to from the translation section of the English term
  • Icon tools.png if one of the elements above is missing
  • if both of the elements above is missing

Note: Hover over the language codes to show the langue name in a tooltip

Parts of Speech

Word es fr ??
preposition Icon tools.png
phrase Icon tools.png
article Icon tools.png
conjunction Icon tools.png
numeral Icon tools.png
particle Icon tools.png

Other headers (Some of these will appear in plural form so those should be translated as well)

Word es fr ??
pronunciation(s) Icon tools.png
translation(s) Icon tools.png
reference(s) Icon tools.png

Other labels in entries

Word es fr ??
rhyme(s) Icon tools.png
hyphenation(s) Icon tools.png
transcription(s) Icon tools.png
hypernym(s) Icon tools.png
hyponym(s) Icon tools.png Icon tools.png
meronym(s) Icon tools.png Icon tools.png
holonym(s) Icon tools.png

Common UI elements not translated by Wikimedia

Word es fr ??
portal ("Main page")


  • Turn WT:TOP40 list of common language names into a table
  • Figure out how to handle phrases with "alternative spelling", "related terms", etc.