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English quotation templates (G–L)
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This is a list of available English quotation templates ordered alphabetically by the author's surname (or title, if there is no author) and then by the template name. You can find an automatic list at [1].

Galsworthy, John[edit]

Output Template
1920 October, John Galsworthy, Awakening, New York, N.Y.: Charles Scribner’s Sons, OCLC 1084280753:
{{RQ:Galsworthy Awakening}}
{{RQ:Galsworthy In Chancery}}
1910 October, John Galsworthy, “The Inn of Tranquillity”, in The Inn of Tranquillity: Studies and Essays, London: William Heinemann, published 1912, OCLC 247335479:
{{RQ:Galsworthy Inn of Tranquillity}}
1919 October, John Galsworthy, Saint’s Progress, London: William Heinemann, published December 1919, OCLC 731506428, part I, page 3:
{{RQ:Galsworthy Saint's Progress}}
1921 September, John Galsworthy, To Let, 1st American edition, New York, N.Y.: Charles Scribner’s Sons, OCLC 630505:
{{RQ:Galsworthy To Let}}
1924 October, John Galsworthy, The White Monkey, London: William Heinemann Ltd., published November 1924, OCLC 25115838, part I, page 1:
{{RQ:Galsworthy White Monkey}}

Gandhi, (Mahatma) Mohandas Karamchand[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Gandhi Experiments}}

Gaskell, Elizabeth[edit]

Output Template
1864 August – 1866 January, [Elizabeth] Gaskell, Wives and Daughters. An Every-day Story. In Two Volumes, volume I, London: Smith, Elder and Co., [], published 1866, OCLC 83344188:
{{RQ:Gaskell Wives and Daughters}}

Gay, John[edit]

Output Template
a. 1733, [John] Gay, The Distress’d Wife. A Comedy, London: [] Thomas Astley [], published 1743, OCLC 946735141, Act I, scene i, page 7:
{{RQ:John Gay Distress'd Wife}}
1727, [John] Gay, “Fable I. The Lyon, the Tyger, and the Traveller.”, in Fables, 2nd edition, London: [] J[acob] Tonson and J. Watts, published 1728, OCLC 1204997009:
{{RQ:John Gay Fables}}
1714, J[ohn] Gay, “Monday; or, The Squabble”, in The Shepherd’s Week. In Six Pastorals, London: [] R. Burleigh [], OCLC 22942401, page 3:
{{RQ:John Gay Shepherd's Week}}
[1716], [John] Gay, “Book I. Of the Implements for Walking the Streets, and Signs of the Weather.”, in Trivia: Or, The Art of Walking the Streets of London, London: Printed for Bernard Lintott, [], OCLC 13598122, page 1:
{{RQ:John Gay Trivia}}
{{RQ:John Gay What D'Ye Call It}}

Geneva Bible[edit]

Output Template
1560, [William Whittingham et al., transl.], The Bible and Holy Scriptures Conteyned in the Olde and Newe Testament. [] (the Geneva Bible), Geneva: [] Rouland Hall, OCLC 557472409, Rvth I:1:
{{RQ:Geneva Bible}}

Gerard, John[edit]

Output Template
1597, John Gerarde [i.e., John Gerard], The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes. [], London: [] Edm[und] Bollifant, for Bonham and Iohn Norton, OCLC 1184595079:
{{RQ:Gerard Herball}}

Gibbon, Edward[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Gibbon Roman Empire}}

Gibson, William[edit]

Output Template
1984, William Gibson, Neuromancer (Sprawl; book 1), New York, N.Y.: Ace Books, →ISBN:
{{RQ:Gibson Neuromancer}}

Gilbert and Sullivan[edit]

Output Template
1879, W[illiam] S[chwenck] Gilbert; Arthur Sullivan, composer, H.M.S. Pinafore;  [], San Francisco: Bacon & Company,  [], OCLC 181408105:
{{RQ:Gilbert and Sullivan HMS Pinafore}}
1879, W[illiam] S[chwenck] Gilbert; Arthur Sullivan, composer, The Pirates of Penzance  [], Philadelphia: J.M. Stoddart & Co., published 1880, OCLC 1013339033:
{{RQ:Gilbert and Sullivan Pirates of Penzance}}
{{RQ:Gilbert and Sullivan Mikado}}

Gissing, George[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Gissing Odd Women}}

Glover, Richard[edit]

Output Template
a. 1786, [Richard Glover], “Book the First”, in [Mrs. Halsey], editor, The Athenaid, a Poem, [], volume I, London: [] T[homas] Cadell, [], published 1787, OCLC 228751730:
{{RQ:Glover Athenaid}}

Golding, Arthur[edit]

Output Template
1571, John Calvin, Arthur Golding, transl., The Psalmes of Dauid and Others. VVith M. Iohn Caluin’s Commentaries, London: [] Thomas East and Henry Middelton; for Lucas Harison, and G[e]orge Byshop, OCLC 1121348373, 1st part:
{{RQ:Golding Psalmes}}
{{RQ:Ovid Golding Metamorphosis}}

Goldsmith, Oliver[edit]

Output Template
1771, [Oliver] Goldsmith, The History of England, from the Earliest Times to the Death of George II. [], volume I, London: [] T[homas] Davies, []; [T.] Becket and [P. A.] De Hondt; and T[homas] Cadell, [], OCLC 228756232:
{{RQ:Goldsmith History of England}}
1791, Oliver Goldsmith, An History of the Earth, and Animated Nature. [], volume I, new edition, London: [] F[rancis] Wingrave, successor to Mr. [John] Nourse, [], OCLC 877622212:
{{RQ:Goldsmith History of the Earth}}
1769, [Oliver] Goldsmith, The Roman History, from the Foundation of the City of Rome, to the Destruction of the Western Empire. [], volume I, London: [] S. Baker and G. Leigh, []; T[homas] Davies, []; and L. Davis, [], OCLC 756495447:
{{RQ:Goldsmith Roman History}}
{{RQ:Goldsmith She Stoops to Conquer}}
1766, [Oliver Goldsmith], The Vicar of Wakefield: [], volume I, Salisbury, Wiltshire: [] B. Collins, for F[rancis] Newbery, [], OCLC 938500648; reprinted London: Elliot Stock, 1885, OCLC 21416084:
{{RQ:Goldsmith Vicar of Wakefield}}

Good, John Mason[edit]

Output Template
1826, John Mason Good, The Book of Nature. [], volume I (Series I. Nature of the Material World; [].), London: [] [A[ndrew] & R. Spottiswoode] for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, [], OCLC 494809847:
{{RQ:Good Nature}}
{{RQ:Lucretius Good Nature of Things}}

Gore, Catherine[edit]

Output Template
1840, [Catherine] Gore, The Dowager; or, The New School for Scandal. [], volume I, London: Richard Bentley, [] , OCLC 80592366:
{{RQ:Gore Dowager}}

Grahame, Kenneth[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Grahame Wind in the Willows}}

Graves, Robert[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Graves Claudius}}
{{RQ:Graves Good-bye}}

Green, Anna Katharine[edit]

Output Template
1911, Anna Katharine Green, Initials Only, New York, N.Y.: Dodd, Mead & Company, OCLC 1238080, book I (As Seen by Two Strangers), page 1:
{{RQ:Green Initials Only}}

Greene, Graham[edit]

Output Template
1936, Graham Greene, Journey Without Maps, 1st US edition, Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, Doran & Company, OCLC 819681179:
{{RQ:Graham Greene Journey}}

Greene, Robert[edit]

Output Template
c. 1580s–1590s, [possibly Robert Greene; formerly attributed to William Shakespeare], The Lamentable Tragedie of Locrine, [], London: [] Thomas Creede, published 1595, OCLC 837339071, Act I, scene i:
1588, Robert Greene, Perimedes the Blacke-smith. [], London: Printed by Iohn Wolfe, for Edward White, OCLC 932919184; republished as J[ohn] Payne Collier, editor, Perimedes the Blacke-smith (Miscellaneous Tracts Temp. Eliz. & Jac. I), [London: s.n., 1867?], OCLC 811360015:
{{RQ:Greene Perimedes}}

Grey, Zane[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Grey Betty Zane}}
1914 January, Zane Grey, The Light of Western Stars: A Romance, New York, N.Y.; London: Harper & Brothers Publishers, OCLC 2804952:
{{RQ:Grey Light of Western Stars}}
1920 January, Zane Grey, The Man of the Forest [], New York, N.Y.; London: Harper & Brothers Publishers, OCLC 1375142:
{{RQ:Grey Man of the Forest}}
{{RQ:Grey Riders}}

Haggard, H. Rider[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Haggard Allan}}
{{RQ:Haggard Eric Brighteyes}}
1885 September, H[enry] Rider Haggard, King Solomon’s Mines, London; Paris: Cassell & Company, [], published 1887, OCLC 1000358436:
{{RQ:Haggard King Solomon's Mines}}
{{RQ:Haggard Love Eternal}}
1886 October – 1887 January, H[enry] Rider Haggard, She: A History of Adventure, London: Longmans, Green, and Co., published 1887, OCLC 1167497017:
{{RQ:Haggard She}}
{{RQ:Haggard Witch's Head}}

Hakluyt, Richard[edit]

Output Template
1582, R[ichard] H[akluyt], compiler, Divers Voyages Touching the Discouerie of America, and the Ilands adiacent vnto the Same, [], imprinted at London: [By Thomas Dawson] for Thomas VVoodcocke, [], OCLC 1121309079:
{{RQ:Hakluyt Divers Voyages}}
1589, Richard Hakluyt, The Principall Navigations, Voiages, and Discoveries of the English Nation, [], imprinted at London: By George Bishop and Ralph Newberie, deputies to Christopher Barker, printer to the Queen's Most Excellent Majestie, OCLC 753964576:
{{RQ:Hakluyt Principall Navigations}}

Hall, Edward[edit]

Output Template
1550, Edward Hall, “[The Vnquiet Tyme of Kyng Henry the Fourthe.]”, in The Vnion of the Two Noble and Illustre Famelies of Lancastre & Yorke, Beyng Long in Continuall Discension for the Croune of this Noble Realme, [], London: [] Rychard Grafton, [] [and Steven Mierdman], OCLC 1112934976:
{{RQ:Edward Hall Lancastre & Yorke}}

Hall, Joseph[edit]

Output Template
1614, I. Hall [i.e., Joseph Hall], “[Contemplations vpon the Old Testament. The Fift Booke.] The Waters of Marah.”, in Contemplations vpon the Principal Passages of the Holy Story. [], volume II, London: [] H[enry] L[ownes] for S[amuel] Macha[m], [], OCLC 1175819307, page 1:
{{RQ:Hall Contemplations}}
1612–1626, Joseph Hall, Josiah Pratt, editor, The Works of the Right Reverend Father in God, Joseph Hall, D.D. [], volume I (Contemplations), London: Printed by C[harles] Whittingham, []; for Williams and Smith, [], published 1808, OCLC 1190972734:
{{RQ:Hall Works}}

Halliwell, James Orchard[edit]

Output Template
1846, James Orchard Halliwell, “AAC”, in A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs, and Ancient Customs, from the Fourteenth Century. [...] In Two Volumes, volume I (A–I), London: John Russell Smith, [], OCLC 1008510154, page 2:
{{RQ:Halliwell Dictionary}}

Hamilton, William[edit]

Output Template
1859, William Hamilton, H[enry] L[ongueville] Mansel and John Veitch, editors, Lectures on Metaphysics and Logic [], volume I, Edinburgh; London: William Blackwood and Sons, OCLC 648725:
{{RQ:Hamilton Metaphysics and Logic}}

Hammet, Dashiell[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Hammet Maltese Falcon}}

Hamsun, Knut[edit]

Output Template
1899, Knut Hamsun, “Part I”, in George Egerton [pseudonym; Mary Chavelita Dunne Bright], transl., Hunger: Translated from the Norwegian, London: Leonard Smithers and Co. [], OCLC 560168646; republished New York, N.Y.: Alfred A. Knopf, October 1920 (December 1920 printing), OCLC 189563, page 3:
{{RQ:Hamsun Hunger}}

Hardy, Thomas[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Hardy Dynasts}}
{{RQ:Hardy Ethelberta}}
{{RQ:Hardy Far from the Madding Crowd}}
1894 December – 1895 November, Thomas Hardy, chapter I, in Jude the Obscure, 1st American edition, New York, N.Y.: Harper & Brothers, publishers, [], published 1896, OCLC 3807889, part I (At Marygreen), page 3:
{{RQ:Hardy Jude the Obscure}}
1880–1881, Thomas Hardy, chapter I, in A Laodicean; or, The Castle of the De Stancys. A Story of To-day. [], volume I, London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, [], published 1881, OCLC 1080146765, book the first (George Somerset), page 3:
{{RQ:Hardy Laodicean}}
{{RQ:Hardy Late Lyrics}}
1894, Thomas Hardy, “The Son’s Veto”, in Life’s Little Ironies [], London: Osgood, McIlvaine and Co., [], OCLC 1229736910:
{{RQ:Hardy Life's Little Ironies}}
{{RQ:Hardy Mayor of Casterbridge}}
1872 September – 1873 July, Thomas Hardy, A Pair of Blue Eyes. A Novel. [...] In Three Volumes, volume I, London: Tinsley Brothers, [], published 1873, OCLC 654408324:
{{RQ:Hardy Pair of Blue Eyes}}
{{RQ:Hardy Tess}}
{{RQ:Hardy Two on a Tower}}
{{RQ:Hardy Wessex Poems}}
1883 March, Thomas Hardy, “The Three Strangers”, in Wessex Tales: Strange, Lively, and Commonplace [], volume I, London; New York, N.Y.: Macmillan and Co., published 1888, OCLC 911789333:
{{RQ:Hardy Wessex Tales}}
1886 May – 1887 April, Thomas Hardy, The Woodlanders [], volume I, London; New York, N.Y.: Macmillan and Co., published 1887, OCLC 17926498:
{{RQ:Hardy Woodlanders}}

Harte, Bret[edit]

Output Template
1889, Bret Harte, “The Heritage of Dedlow Marsh”, in The Heritage of Dedlow Marsh and Other Tales, Boston, Mass.; New York, N.Y.: Houghton, Mifflin and Company [], OCLC 560838429, page 5:
{{RQ:Harte Dedlow Marsh}}
1882, Bret Harte, “[Flip: A California Romance] Chapter I”, in Flip; and Found at Blazing Star, Boston, Mass.; New York, N.Y.: Houghton, Mifflin and Company [], OCLC 1525509, page 1:
{{RQ:Harte Flip}}
1868 August, Bret Harte, “[Sketches.] The Luck of Roaring Camp.”, in The Luck of Roaring Camp and Other Sketches (The Riverside Library), Boston, Mass.; New York, N.Y.: Houghton Mifflin Company [], published 1869, OCLC 31585601, page 1:
{{RQ:Harte Luck}}
1888, Bret Harte, “[A Phyllis of the Sierras] chapter I”, in A Phyllis of the Sierras and A Drift from Redwood Camp, Boston, Mass.; New York, N.Y.: Houghton, Mifflin and Company [], OCLC 1130880, page 5:
{{RQ:Harte Phyllis}}
1900, Bret Harte, “A Niece of Snapshot Harry’s”, in From Sand Hill to Pine, Boston, Mass.; New York, N.Y.: Houghton, Mifflin and Company [], OCLC 3626318, chapter I, page 1:
{{RQ:Harte Sand Hill}}

Harvey, Gabriel[edit]

Output Template
1588, G[abriel] H[arvey], J[ohn] P[ayne] C[ollier], editor, Fovre Letters, and Certaine Sonnets, [] (Miscellaneous Tracts Temp. Eliz. & Jac. I), [London: s.n., published 1870], OCLC 907145924:
{{RQ:Harvey Foure Letters}}
1593, Gabriel Harvey, Pierces Supererogation: Or A New Prayse of the Old Asse, London: [] Iohn Wolfe, OCLC 165778203; republished as John Payne Collier, editor, Pierces Supererogation: Or A New Prayse of the Old Asse. A Preparative to Certaine Larger Discourses, Intituled Nashes S. Fame (Miscellaneous Tracts. Temp. Eliz. & Jac. I; no. 8), [London: [s.n.], 1870], OCLC 23963073:
{{RQ:Harvey Pierces Supererogation}}

Haughton, William[edit]

Output Template
c. 1600 (date written; first published 1657), attributed to Thomas Dekker; John Day; William Houghton, Lust’s Dominion: Or, The Lascivious Queen. A Tragedie, London: [] J. Chappell, Jun. [], published 1818, OCLC 13145391, Act I, scene i, page 1:
{{RQ:Dekker Lust's Dominion}}
1599 (first performance), [Thomas Dekker; Henry Chettle; William Houghton], The Pleasant Comodie of Patient Grissill. [], London: [] Henry Rocket, [], published 1603; republished Erlangen, Bavaria: [] Fr. Junge (Junge & Sohn), 1893, OCLC 898789288:
{{RQ:Dekker et al Patient Grissell}}

Hawthorne, Nathaniel[edit]

Output Template
c. 1857, Nathaniel Hawthorne, English Notebooks, published 1870:
{{RQ:Hawthorne English Notebooks}}
{{RQ:Hawthorne Marble Faun}}
{{RQ:Hawthorne Scarlet Letter}}
1851 (indicated as 1852), Nathaniel Hawthorne, “The Snow-Image: A Childish Miracle”, in The Snow-Image, and Other Twice-Told Tales, Boston, Mass.: Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, OCLC 762835503:
{{RQ:Hawthorne Snow-Image}}
1837 March 6, Nathaniel Hawthorne, “The Gray Champion”, in Twice-Told Tales, Boston, Mass.: American Stationers Co.; John B. Russell, OCLC 1868501:
{{RQ:Hawthorne Twice-Told Tales}}

Henry, O.[edit]

Output Template
1904, O. Henry [pseudonym; William Sydney Porter], Cabbages and Kings[4]:
{{RQ:Henry Cabbages}}
1906 April, O. Henry [pseudonym; William Sydney Porter], “The Gift of the Magi”, in The Four Million, New York, N.Y.: McClure, Phillips & Co, OCLC 1399985:
{{RQ:Henry Four Million}}
1908, O. Henry [pseudonym; William Sydney Porter], “The Octopus Marooned”, in The Gentle Grafter, New York, N.Y.: The McClure Company, OCLC 192106347:
{{RQ:Henry Gentle Grafter}}
1910 September, O. Henry [pseudonym; William Sydney Porter], “The Dream”, in H[arry] P[eyton] S[teger], editor, Rolling Stones, Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, Page & Company for Review of Reviews Co., published 1915, OCLC 8682374:
{{RQ:Henry Rolling Stones}}

Herbert, George[edit]

Output Template
1633, George Herbert, “The Temple. Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations.”, in Alexander B[alloch] Grosart, editor, The Complete Works in Verse and Prose of George Herbert. [] (The Fuller Worthies’ Library), volume I (Verse), London: [] [Robson and Sons] for private circulation, published 1874, OCLC 2551162:
{{RQ:Herbert Complete Works}}
[1633], George Herbert, [Nicholas Ferrar], editor, The Temple: Sacred Poems, and Private Ejaculations, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire: [] Thomas Buck and Roger Daniel; and are to be sold by Francis Green, [], OCLC 1048966979; reprinted London: Elliot Stock, [], 1885, OCLC 54151361:
{{RQ:Herbert Temple}}

Herbert, Thomas[edit]

Output Template
1634, T[homas] H[erbert], A Relation of Some Yeares Travaile, Begvnne Anno 1626. into Afrique and the Greater Asia, [], London: [] William Stansby, and Jacob Bloome, OCLC 869931719:
{{RQ:Herbert Travaile}}

Herrick, Robert[edit]

Output Template
1648, Robert Herrick, “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time”, in Hesperides: Or, The VVorks both Humane & Divine [], London: [] John Williams, and Francis Eglesfield, and are to be sold by Tho[mas] Hunt, [], OCLC 1044244285; republished as Henry G. Clarke, editor, Hesperides, or Works both Human and Divine, volume I, London: H. G. Clarke and Co., [], 1844, OCLC 1110372590:
{{RQ:Herrick Hesperides}}

Heywood, Thomas[edit]

Output Template
1637, Tho[mas] Heywood, Pleasant Dialogves and Dramma’s, Selected ovt of Lucian, Erasmus, Textor, Ovid, &c. [], London: Printed by R. O[ulton] for R. H[earne], and are to be sold by Thomas Slater [], OCLC 5060642:
{{RQ:Heywood Pleasant Dialogues}}
1637, Thomas Heywood, The Royall King, and the Loyall Subject. [], London: Printed by Nich[olas] and John Okes, for James Becket, [], OCLC 1098476341, Act I, scene i:
{{RQ:Heywood Royall King}}

Hill, Thomas[edit]

Output Template
1577, Dydymus Mountaine [pseudonym; Thomas Hill]; Henry Dethicke [i.e., Henry Dethick], The Gardeners Labyrinth: [], London: [] Henry Bynneman, OCLC 1121279864:
{{RQ:Hill Gardeners Labyrinth}}

Hobbes, Thomas[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Hobbes Leviathan}}
1629, Thycydides, “The First Booke”, in Thomas Hobbes, transl., Eight Bookes of the Peloponnesian Warre [], London: [] [Eliot’s Court Press] for Richard Mynne [], published 1634, OCLC 1203345966, page 1:
{{RQ:Thucydides Hobbes Peloponnesian Warre}}

Holinshed, Raphael[edit]

Output Template
1577, Raphaell Holinshed, “[The Description of Britaine.]”, in The Firste Volume of the Chronicles of England, Scotlande, and Irelande [], volume I, London: [] [Henry Bynneman] for Iohn Harrison, OCLC 55195564:
{{RQ:Holinshed Chronicles}}

Holland, Philemon[edit]

Output Template
1610, William Camden, Philémon Holland, transl., Britain, or A Chorographicall Description of the Most Flourishing Kingdomes, England, Scotland, and Ireland, [], London: [] [Eliot’s Court Press for] Georgii Bishop & Ioannis Norton, OCLC 1166778000:
{{RQ:Camden Holland Britain}}
1659, T[itus] Livius [i.e., Livy], “[Book I]”, in Philemon Holland, transl., The Romane Historie [], London: [] W. Hunt, for George Sawbridge, [], OCLC 12997447:
{{RQ:Livy Holland Romane Historie}}
1601, G[aius] Plinius Secundus [i.e., Pliny the Elder], “[Book I.]”, in Philemon Holland, transl., The Historie of the VVorld. Commonly Called, The Natvrall Historie of C. Plinivs Secvndus. [], 1st tome, London: [] Adam Islip, published 1635, OCLC 1180792622:
{{RQ:Pliny Holland Historie of the World}}
{{RQ:Plutarch Holland Morals}}

Hollinghurst, Alan[edit]

Output Template
2004, Alan Hollinghurst, The Line of Beauty, New York: Bloomsbury, OCLC 1036692193:
{{RQ:Hollinghurst Line}}

Hooke, Robert[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Hooke Micrographia}}

Hooker, Richard[edit]

Output Template
1594, Richard Hooker, J[ohn] S[penser], editor, Of the Lawes of Ecclesiastical Politie, [], 3rd edition, London: [] Will[iam] Stansby [for Matthew Lownes], published 1611, OCLC 931154958, book I, page 1:
{{RQ:Hooker Laws}}

Hope, Thomas[edit]

Output Template
1819, Thomas Hope, Anastasius: Or, Memoirs of a Greek; [] In Three Volumes, volume I, London: John Murray, [], OCLC 1001811694:
{{RQ:Hope Anastasius}}

Hopkins, Gerard Manley[edit]

Output Template
1918, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Robert Bridges, editor, Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins: Now First Published [], London: Humphrey Milford, OCLC 5093462:
{{RQ:Hopkins Poems}}

Hopwod, Avery[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Rinehart Hopwood Bat}}

Hough, Emerson[edit]

Output Template
1910, Emerson Hough, The Purchase Price: Or The Cause of Compromise, Indianapolis, Ind.: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, OCLC 639762314:
{{RQ:Hough Purchase Price}}

Housman, A. E.[edit]

Output Template
1922 October, A[lfred] E[dward] Housman, “[Poem] I: The West”, in Last Poems, London: Grant Richards Ltd., OCLC 31583861:
{{RQ:Housman Last Poems}}
1936 October, A. E. Housman; Laurence Housman, compiler, “[Poem] I: Easter Hymn”, in More Poems, London: Jonathan Cape, [], OCLC 25469231:
{{RQ:Housman More Poems}}
1896, A[lfred] E[dward] Housman, “[Poem] I: 1887”, in A Shropshire Lad, New York, N.Y.: John Lane Company, The Bodley Head, published 1906, OCLC 863109715:
{{RQ:Housman Shropshire Lad}}

Howard, Henry, Earl of Surrey[edit]

Output Template
1557 July 1, Virgil, “The Second Boke of Virgiles Aenæis”, in Henry [Howard, Earl] of Surrey, transl.; William Bolland, editor, Certain Bokes of Virgiles Aenaeis, Turned into English Meter ([Roxburghe Club Publications; I]), London: [] A[braham] J[ohn] Valpy, [], published 1814, OCLC 940064673:
{{RQ:Surrey Aenaeis}}

Howell, James[edit]

Output Template
1625 August 2, James Howell, “To Sir J. S. at Leeds Castle”, in Epistolæ Ho-Elianæ. Familiar Letters Domestic and Forren. [], volume I, 3rd edition, London: [] Humphrey Mos[e]ley, [], published 1655, OCLC 84295516, section I, page 1:
{{RQ:Howell Epistolae}}
1640, I. H. [i.e., James Howell], ΔΕΝΔΡΟΛΟΓΊΑ [DENDROLOGIA]. Dodona’s Grove, or, The Vocall Forrest, London: By T[homas] B[adger] for H. Mosley [i.e., Humphrey Moseley] [], OCLC 987785018:
{{RQ:Howell Dodona's Grove}}

Hughes, Thomas[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Hughes Tom Brown}}
1859–1861, [Thomas Hughes], Tom Brown at Oxford: [], (please specify |part=1 or 2), Boston, Mass.: Ticknor and Fields, published 1861, OCLC 2753050:
{{RQ:Hughes Tom Brown at Oxford}}

Hugo, Victor[edit]

Output Template
1862, Victor Hugo, Cha[rle]s E[dwin] Wilbour, transl., Les Misérables. Fantine. A Novel. Translated from the Original French, volume I, New York, N.Y.: [George W.] Carleton, publisher, [], OCLC 1007115870, book 1:
{{RQ:Hugo Les Miserables}}
1869, Victor Hugo; [anonymous translator], The Man Who Laughs: In Two Volumes, volume I, international limited edition, Boston, Mass.: Estes and Lauriat Publishers, OCLC 746530511:
{{RQ:Hugo Man Who Laughs}}

Hume, David[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Hume Human Understanding}}

Hunt, Leigh[edit]

Output Template
1814, Leigh Hunt, The Descent of Liberty, a Mask, London: Printed for Gale, Curtis, and Fenner, [], published 1815, OCLC 709322, prologue, page 1:
{{RQ:Hunt Descent of Liberty}}

Huxley, Aldous[edit]

Output Template
1925, Aldous Huxley, Along the Road: Notes and Essays of a Tourist, London: Chatto & Windus, OCLC 806315003, part I (Travel in General), page 1:
{{RQ:Huxley Along the Road}}
1921, Aldous Huxley, Crome Yellow[5], London: Chatto & Windus:
{{RQ:Huxley Crome Yellow}}

Irving, Washington[edit]

Output Template
1835, [Washington Irving], “Abbotsford”, in Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey (The Crayon Miscellany; no. 2), Philadelphia, Pa.: [Henry Charles] Carey, [Isaac] Lea, & Blanchard, OCLC 2031450, page 5:
{{RQ:Irving Abbotsford}}
{{RQ:Irving Astoria}}
1822 May 21, Geoffrey Crayon [pseudonym; Washington Irving], Bracebridge Hall, or The Humourists. A Medley. [], volume I, New York, N.Y.: [] C. S. Van Winkle, [], OCLC 1141021983:
{{RQ:Irving Bracebridge Hall}}
{{RQ:Irving Columbus}}
1829 June 10 (date written), [Washington Irving], “[The Legend of Don Roderick.]”, in Legends of the Conquest of Spain (The Crayon Miscellany; no. 3), Philadelphia, Pa.: [Henry Charles] Carey, [Isaac] Lea, & Blanchard, published 1835, OCLC 2031465, page 11:
{{RQ:Irving Conquest of Spain}}
1809, Diedrich Knickerbocker [pseudonym; Washington Irving], chapter I, in A History of New York, from the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty. [], volume I, New York, N.Y.: Inskeep & Bradford, [], OCLC 426050984, book I, page 1:
{{RQ:Irving History of New York}}
1837, Washington Irving, The Rocky Mountains: Or, Scenes, Incidents, and Adventures in the Far West; [], volume I, Philadelphia, Pa.: [Henry Charles] Carey, [Isaac] Lea, & Blanchard, OCLC 1256105404:
{{RQ:Irving Rocky Mountains}}
1819 June 23, Geoffrey Crayon [pseudonym; Washington Irving], “The Author’s Account of Himself”, in The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent., number I, New York, N.Y.: [] C. S. Van Winkle, [], OCLC 1090970992:
{{RQ:Irving Sketch Book}}
1824, Geoffrey Crayon [pseudonym; Washington Irving], Tales of a Traveller, part 1 (Strange Stories. []), Philadelphia, Pa.: H[enry] C[harles] Carey & I[saac] Lea, [], OCLC 864083:
{{RQ:Irving Tales of a Traveller}}
1835, [Washington Irving], A Tour on the Prairies (The Crayon Miscellany; no. 1), Philadelphia, Pa.: [Henry Charles] Carey, [Isaac] Lea, & Blanchard, OCLC 557798950:
{{RQ:Irving Tour on the Prairies}}
1855, Washington Irving, “Wolfert’s Roost”, in Wolfert’s Roost and Other Papers, [], New York, N.Y.: G[eorge] P[almer] Putnam & Co., [], OCLC 274139:
{{RQ:Irving Wolfert's Roost}}

Jacobs, W. W.[edit]

Output Template
1898, W[illiam] W[ymark] Jacobs, “Smoked Skipper”, in Sea Urchins, London: Lawrence and Bullen, Ltd. [], OCLC 477208446:
{{RQ:Jacobs Sea Urchins}}

James, Henry[edit]

Output Template
1876–1877, Henry James, Jr., The American, Boston, Mass.: James R[ipley] Osgood and Company, [], published 5 May 1877, OCLC 4655661:
{{RQ:James American}}
1903 February 26, Henry James, “Broken Wings”, in The Better Sort, New York, N.Y.: Charles Scribner’s Sons, OCLC 830336446:
{{RQ:James Better Sort}}
1886, Henry James, The Bostonians, London; New York, N.Y.: Macmillan and Co., OCLC 3179002:
{{RQ:James Bostonians}}
1904 November 10, Henry James, chapter I, in The Golden Bowl, volume I, New York, N.Y.: Charles Scribner’s Sons, OCLC 547842, book first (The Prince), part first, page 3:
{{RQ:James Golden Bowl}}
1897 October 16, Henry James, What Maisie Knew, Chicago, Ill.; New York, N.Y.: Herbert S. Stone & Co., OCLC 318438930:
{{RQ:James Maisie}}
1871 March–April, Henry James, Jr., “A Passionate Pilgrim”, in A Passionate Pilgrim, and Other Tales, Boston, Mass.: James R[ipley] Osgood and Company, [], published 31 January 1875, OCLC 3886198, page 7:
{{RQ:James Passionate Pilgrim}}
1886 [1882], Henry James, The Point of View[6], London: Macmillan and Co.:
{{RQ:James Point of View}}
1893, Henry James, “The Wheel of Time”, in The Wheel of Time; Collaboration; Owen Wingrave, New York, N.Y.: Harper & Brothers publishers, OCLC 932066270:
{{RQ:James Wheel of Time}}
1902 August 21, Henry James, chapter I, in The Wings of the Dove, volume I, New York, N.Y.: Charles Scribner’s Sons, OCLC 688890, book first, page 3:
{{RQ:James Wings of the Dove}}

Jefferies, Richard[edit]

Output Template
1879, R[ichard] J[efferies], The Amateur Poacher, London: Smith, Elder, & Co., [], OCLC 752825175:
{{RQ:Jefferies Amateur Poacher}}

Jerome, Jerome K.[edit]

Output Template
1908 September, Jerome K[lapka] Jerome, “Passing of the Third Floor Back”, in Passing of the Third Floor Back, New York, N.Y.: Dodd, Mead and Company, OCLC 29663807, page 1:
{{RQ:Jerome Passing}}

Johnson, Charles[edit]

Output Template
1724, Charles Johnson, A General History of the Pyrates, [], 2nd edition, London: Printed for, and sold by T. Warner, [], OCLC 2276353:
{{RQ:Johnson History of the Pyrates}}

Johnson, Samuel[edit]

Output Template
1755 April 15, Samuel Johnson, “A”, in A Dictionary of the English Language: [] , volume I (A–K), London: [] J[ohn] and P[aul] Knapton; [], OCLC 1637325:
{{RQ:Johnson Dictionary}}
1750 March 31, Samuel Johnson, “No. 1. Tuesday, March 20. 1749–1750 [Julian calendar].”, in The Rambler, volume I, 2nd edition, Edinburgh: [] Sands, Murray, and Cochran; sold by W. Gordon, C. Wright, J. Yair, [], published 1751, OCLC 702676921:
{{RQ:Johnson Rambler}}

Jonson, Ben[edit]

Output Template
1605 August (first performance), Geo[rge] Chapman; Ben Ionson; Ioh[n] Marston, Eastvvard Hoe. [], London: Printed [by George Eld] for William Aspley, published September 1605, OCLC 1121359361, Act I, scene i:
{{RQ:Chapman Eastward Hoe}}
1610 (first performance), Ben[jamin] Jonson, The Alchemist, London: [] Thomas Snodham, for Walter Burre, and are to be sold by Iohn Stepneth, [], published 1612, OCLC 1008120557; reprinted Menston, Yorkshire: The Scolar Press, 1970, OCLC 52009618, Act I, scene i:
{{RQ:Jonson Alchemist}}
c. 1597, Ben. Jonson, A Pleasant Comedy, Called: The Case is Alterd. [], London: [] [Nicholas Okes] for Bartholomew Sutton, and William Barrenger, [], published 1609, OCLC 1203228598, [Act I, scene i]:
{{RQ:Jonson Case is Altered}}
{{RQ:Jonson Catiline His Conspiracy}}
1629 (first performance), B[en] Jonson, The Nevv Inne. Or, The Light Heart. [], London: [] Thomas Harper, for Thomas Alchorne, [], published 1631, OCLC 913380815, Act I, scene i:
{{RQ:Jonson New Inne}}
1625 (first performance), Ben[jamin] Jonson, The Staple of Nevves. [], London: [] I[ohn] B[eale] for Robert Allot [], published 1631, OCLC 81096167, Act I, scene i:
{{RQ:Jonson Staple of News}}
1601, Ben Jonson, Poetaster or The Arraignment: [], London: [] [R. Bradock] for M[atthew] L[ownes] [], published 1602, OCLC 316392309, Act I, scene i:
{{RQ:Jonson Poetaster}}
1616, Benjamin Jonson [i.e., Ben Jonson], The Workes of Ben Jonson (First Folio), London: [] Will[iam] Stansby, OCLC 960101342:
{{RQ:Jonson Works}}

Josephus, Flavius[edit]

Output Template
1926, Josephus; H[enry] St. J[ohn] Thackeray, transl., Josephus: With an English Translation (Loeb Classical Library), volume I (The Life), London: William Heinemann; New York, N.Y.: G. P. Putnam's Sons, OCLC 768288966, page 1:

Joyce, James[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Joyce Dubliners}}
1939 May 4, James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, London: Faber and Faber Limited, OCLC 715577589; republished London: Faber & Faber Limited, 1960, OCLC 867955333, part I, page 3:
{{RQ:Joyce Finnegans Wake}}
{{RQ:Joyce Portrait}}
1922 February, James Joyce, Ulysses, London: The Egoist Press, published October 1922, OCLC 2297483:
{{RQ:Joyce Ulysses}}

Keats, John[edit]

Output Template
1818, John Keats, “Book I”, in Endymion: A Poetic Romance, London: [] [T. Miller] for Taylor and Hessey, [], OCLC 1467112, page 3:
{{RQ:Keats Endymion}}
1819, John Keats, “Ode to a Nightingale”, in Lamia, Isabella, the Eve of St. Agnes, and Other Poems, London: [] [Thomas Davison] for Taylor and Hessey, [], published 1820, OCLC 927360557:
{{RQ:Keats Lamia}}
1817 March 3, John Keats, “Dedication. To Leigh Hunt, Esq.”, in Poems, London: [] [Charles Richards] for C[harles] & J[ames] Ollier, [], OCLC 12163218; reprinted in Poems (The Noel Douglas Replicas), London: Noel Douglas, 1927, OCLC 223237353:
{{RQ:Keats Poems}}

Keble, John[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Keble Christian Year}}

Kerouac, Jack[edit]

Output Template
1957, Jack Kerouac, On the Road, Viking Press, OCLC 43419454:
{{RQ:Kerouac On the Road}}

King James Version (Authorized Version) of the Bible[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:King James Version}}

aka. {{RQ:KJV}}, {{RQ:Authorized Version}}, {{RQ:AV}}

Kingsley, Charles[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Kingsley Alton Locke}}
1852 January – 1853 April, Charles Kingsley, Jun., Hypatia: Or, New Foes with an Old Face. [], volume I, London: John W[illiam] Parker and Son, [], published 1853, OCLC 1932017:
{{RQ:Kingsley Hypatia}}
1862 August – 1863 March, Charles Kingsley, chapter I, in The Water-Babies: A Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby, London; Cambridge, Cambridgeshire: Macmillan and Co., published 1863, OCLC 48187780:
{{RQ:Kingsley Water-Babies}}
{{RQ:Kingsley Westward Ho}}

Kipling, Rudyard[edit]

Output Template
1892, Rudyard Kipling, “To T. A.”, in Barrack-Room Ballads and Other Verses, 3rd edition, London: Methuen & Co. [], OCLC 222189643:
{{RQ:Kipling Barrack-Room Ballads}}
1888, Rudyard Kipling, In Black and White (A. H. Wheeler & Co.’s Indian Railway Library; no. 3), 5th edition, Allahabad: Messrs. A. H. Wheeler & Co.; London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington, Ld., [], published 1890, OCLC 849518497:
{{RQ:Kipling Black and White}}
1896 November – 1897 May, Rudyard Kipling, Captains Courageous, Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday & Company, published 1897, OCLC 5204939:
{{RQ:Kipling Captains Courageous}}
{{RQ:Kipling Debits and Credits}}
1918, Rudyard Kipling, “A Retired Gentleman”, in The Eyes of Asia, Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, Page & Company, OCLC 561613113, page 3:
{{RQ:Kipling Eyes of Asia}}
1894 May, Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book, London; New York, N.Y.: Macmillan and Co., published June 1894, OCLC 752934375:
{{RQ:Kipling Jungle Book}}
1902, Rudyard Kipling, “How the Whale Got His Throat”, in Just So Stories: For Little Children, New York, N.Y.: Doubleday, Page & Company, OCLC 1705274:
{{RQ:Kipling Just So Stories}}
1900 December – 1901 October, Rudyard Kipling, Kim (Macmillan’s Colonial Library; no. 414), London: Macmillan and Co., published 1901, OCLC 561617680:
{{RQ:Kipling Kim}}
1919 August, Rudyard Kipling, Land & Sea Tales for Scouts and Guides, Bombay: The Gresham Publishing Company; London: Macmillan and Co., OCLC 776877487:
{{RQ:Kipling Land & Sea Tales}}
1888, Rudyard Kipling, Plain Tales from the Hills, Calcutta: Thacker, Spink and Co.; London: W. Thacker & Co., OCLC 228690273; 2nd edition, Calcutta: Thacker, Spink and Co.; London: W. Thacker & Co., 1889, OCLC 904346177:
{{RQ:Kipling Plain Tales}}
{{RQ:Kipling Something of Myself}}
1898 August, Rudyard Kipling, “‘In Ambush’”, in Stalky & Co., London: Macmillan & Co., published 1899, OCLC 1127934491, page 1:
{{RQ:Kipling Stalky}}

Knolles, Richard[edit]

Output Template
1603, Richard Knolles, The Generall Historie of the Turkes, [], London: [] Adam Islip, OCLC 837543169:
{{RQ:Knolles Turkes}}

Kureishi, Hanif[edit]

Output Template
1990, Hanif Kureishi, The Buddha of Suburbia, London; Boston: Faber and Faber, →ISBN:
{{RQ:Kureishi Buddha}}

Kyd, Thomas[edit]

Output Template
c. 1587 (date written), [Thomas Kyd], The Spanish Tragedie: [] (Fourth Quarto), London: [] VV[illiam] VV[hite] for T[homas] Pauier, [], published 1602, OCLC 1121309224, Act I:
{{RQ:Kyd Spanish Tragedie}}
1596, [attributed to William Shakespeare; Thomas Kyd], The Raigne of King Edvvard the Third: [], London: [] [T. Scarlet] for Cuthbert Burby, OCLC 1203266930, [Act I, scene i]:
{{RQ:Shakespeare Kyd Edward 3}}

Lamb, Charles[edit]

Output Template
1823, Elia [pseudonym; Charles Lamb], Elia. Essays which have Appeared under that Signature in The London Magazine, London: [] Taylor and Hessey, [], OCLC 559961973:
{{RQ:Lamb Essays of Elia}}

Landon, Letitia Elizabeth[edit]

Output Template
1834, L[etitia] E[lizabeth] L[andon], Francesca Carrara. [], volume I, London: Richard Bentley, [], (successor to Henry Colburn), OCLC 630079698:
{{RQ:Landon Francesca Carrara}}
1831, L[etitia] E[lizabeth] L[andon], Romance and Reality. [], volume I, London: Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, [], OCLC 24531354:
{{RQ:Landon Romance}}

Landor, Walter Savage[edit]

Output Template
1824, Walter Savage Landor, Imaginary Conversations of Literary Men and Statesmen, volume I, London: [] Taylor and Hessey, [], OCLC 35810401:
{{RQ:Landor Imaginary Conversations}}

Lawrence, D. H.[edit]

Output Template
1913–1921, D[avid] H[erbert] Lawrence, “England, My England”, in England My England and Other Stories, New York, N.Y.: Thomas Seltzer, published 24 October 1922, OCLC 494162929, page 3:
{{RQ:Lawrence England}}
{{RQ:Lawrence Kangaroo}}
1928, D[avid] H[erbert] Lawrence, Lady Chatterley’s Lover (Project Gutenberg Australia; eBook no. 0100181h.html)‎[7], [Florence, Italy]: Privately printed [by the Tipografia Giuntina, []], published August 2011, OCLC 3673397, archived from the original on 11 November 2020:
{{RQ:Lawrence Lady Chatterley's Lover}}
1917, D[avid] H[erbert] Lawrence, “Moonrise”, in Look! We Have Come Through!, London: Chatto & Windus, OCLC 560929966:
{{RQ:Lawrence Look}}
{{RQ:Lawrence Lost Girl}}
1927 June, D[avid] H[erbert] Lawrence, “Corasmin and the Parrots”, in Mornings in Mexico, London: Martin Secker, published July 1927, OCLC 1154154784, page 9:
{{RQ:Lawrence Mornings in Mexico}}
1936, D[avid] H[erbert] Lawrence, Edward D[avid] McDonald, editor, Phoenix: The Posthumous Papers of D. H. Lawrence, London: William Heinemann Ltd., OCLC 906447154:
{{RQ:Lawrence Phoenix}}
{{RQ:Lawrence Sons and Lovers}}
1916, D[avid] H[erbert] Lawrence, Twilight in Italy, London: Duckworth and Co. [], OCLC 1125129885:
{{RQ:Lawrence Twilight in Italy}}
1920 November 9, D[avid] H[erbert] Lawrence, Women in Love, New York, N.Y.: Privately printed [by Thomas Seltzer] for subscribers only, OCLC 2883166:
{{RQ:Lawrence Women in Love}}

Le Fanu, Sheridan[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Le Fanu House}}
1864, J[oseph] Sheridan Le Fanu, Wylder’s Hand. [], New York, N.Y.: Carleton, [], published 1865, OCLC 2685808:
{{RQ:Le Fanu Wylder's Hand}}

L'Estrange, Roger[edit]

Output Template
1692, Roger L’Estrange, “[The Fables of Æsop, &c.] Fable I. A Cock and a Diamond.”, in Fables, of Æsop and Other Eminent Mythologists: [], London: [] R[ichard] Sare, [], OCLC 228727523, page 1:
{{RQ:L'Estrange Fables of Aesop}}

Lewis, Sinclair[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Lewis Main Street}}

Lichfield, Richard[edit]

Output Template
1597, Don Richardo de Medico campo [pseudonym; Richard Lichfield], The Trimming of Thomas Nashe Gentleman, London: Printed [by Edward Allde] for Philip Scarlet, OCLC 216582616; republished as J[ohn] P[ayne] C[ollier], editor, The Trimming of Thomas Nashe Gentleman (Miscellaneous Tracts, Temp. Eliz. & Jac. I), [London: s.n.], 1870, OCLC 906194670:
{{RQ:Lichfield Trimming}}

Lincoln, Abraham[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:Lincoln Gettysburg}}

Locke, John[edit]

Output Template
1693, [John Locke], “§1”, in Some Thoughts Concerning Education, London: [] A[wnsham] and J[ohn] Churchill, [], OCLC 1161614482:
{{RQ:Locke Education}}
a. 1705, [John Locke], “[An Essay for the Understanding of St. Paul’s Epistles, []]”, in A Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistles of St. Paul [], London: [] Awnsham and John Churchill, [], published 1707, OCLC 1153704013:
{{RQ:Locke Epistles}}
1689 December (indicated as 1690), [John Locke], Two Treatises of Government: [], London: [] Awnsham Churchill, [], OCLC 83985187:
{{RQ:Locke Government}}
1689 (indicated as 1690), [John Locke], An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding. [], London: [] Eliz[abeth] Holt, for Thomas Basset, [], OCLC 153628242:
{{RQ:Locke Human Understanding}}
a. 1705, John Locke, “Of the Conduct of the Understanding”, in Posthumous Works of Mr. John Locke: [], London: [] A[wnsham] and J[ohn] Churchill, [], published 1706, OCLC 6963663, page 1:
{{RQ:Locke Posthumous Works}}
{{RQ:Locke Toleration}}
1691, [John Locke], Some Considerations of the Consequences of the Lowering of Interest, and Raising the Value of Money. [], London: [] Awnsham and John Churchill, [], published 1692, OCLC 933799310:
{{RQ:Locke Value}}

Lodge, Thomas[edit]

Output Template
1590, T[homas] L[odge], Rosalynde. Euphues Golden Legacie: [], London: Imprinted by Thomas Orwin for T. G[ubbin] and John Busbie, OCLC 35072982; republished [Glasgow: Printed for the Hunterian Club, 1876], OCLC 9437712:
{{RQ:Lodge Rosalynde}}

London, Jack[edit]

Output Template
{{RQ:London Call of the Wild}}
{{RQ:London Cruise of the Snark}}
1900, Jack London, “A Relic of the Pliocene”, in The Faith of Men and Other Stories, New York, N.Y.: The Macmillan Company; London: Macmillan & Co., Ltd., published September 1904, OCLC 1161056, page 3:
{{RQ:London Faith of Men}}
1920 September, Jack London, Hearts of Three, New York, N.Y.: The Macmillan Company, OCLC 1421939:
{{RQ:London Hearts of Three}}
{{RQ:London Jerry}}
1913 August, Jack London, John Barleycorn, New York, N.Y.: The Century Co., OCLC 264225:
{{RQ:London John Barleycorn}}
1919 September, Jack London, “(please specify the story)”, in On the Makaloa Mat, New York, N.Y.: The Macmillan Company, OCLC 288484:
{{RQ:London Makaloa Mat}}
1908 September – 1909 September, Jack London, Martin Eden, New York, N.Y.: The Macmillan Company, published September 1909, OCLC 4052119:
{{RQ:London Martin Eden}}
{{RQ:London People of the Abyss}}
1912 October, Jack London, “The Taste of the Meat”, in Smoke Bellew, New York, N.Y.: The Century Co, OCLC 632405541:
{{RQ:London Smoke Bellew}}
1900 April 7, Jack London, “The White Silence”, in The Son of the Wolf: Tales of the Far North, Boston, Mass.; New York, N.Y.: Houghton, Mifflin and Company [], OCLC 1161196780, page 1:
{{RQ:London Son of the Wolf}}
1911 October, Jack London, “The House of Mapuhi”, in South Sea Tales, New York, N.Y.: The Macmillan Company, OCLC 5376703:
{{RQ:London South Sea Tales}}
1910 November, Jack London, Theft: A Play in Four Acts, New York, N.Y.: The Macmillan Company; London: Macmillan & Co., OCLC 3460545, Act I, page 3:
{{RQ:London Theft}}
1911 January, Jack London, “When God Laughs”, in When God Laughs and Other Stories, New York, N.Y.: The Macmillan Company, OCLC 2185088:
{{RQ:London When God Laughs}}
{{RQ:London White Fang}}

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth[edit]

Output Template
1873 August, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “[I. Tales of a Wayside Inn.] Prelude.”, in Aftermath, Boston, Mass.: James R[ipley] Osgood and Company, late Ticknor & Fields, and Fields, Osgood, & Co., OCLC 15121058, page 1:
{{RQ:Longfellow Aftermath}}
1842, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “[Ballads.] The Skeleton in Armour.”, in Ballads and Other Poems, 2nd edition, Cambridge, Mass.: [] John Owen, OCLC 978271908, page 29:
{{RQ:Longfellow Ballads}}
{{RQ:Longfellow Evangeline}}
1851, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Golden Legend, Boston, Mass.: Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, OCLC 276669:
{{RQ:Longfellow Golden Legend}}
1858 October 16, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “The Courtship of Miles Standish”, in The Courtship of Miles Standish, and Other Poems, Boston, Mass.: Ticknor and Fields, OCLC 51433663:
{{RQ:Longfellow Miles Standish}}
{{RQ:Longfellow Tales of a Wayside Inn}}
1872, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “[Tales of a Wayside Inn. The Second Day.] Prelude.”, in Three Books of Song, Boston, Mass.: James R[ipley] Osgood and Company, OCLC 760387053, book first, page 3:
{{RQ:Longfellow Three Books of Song}}

Lovecraft, Howard Phillips[edit]

Output Template
1928 February, H[oward] P[hillips] Lovecraft, “The Call of Cthulhu”, in Farnsworth Wright, editor, Weird Tales: A Magazine of the Bizarre and Unusual, volume 11, number 2, Indianapolis, Ind.: Popular Fiction Pub. Co., OCLC 55045234, pages 159–178 and 287:
{{RQ:Lovecraft Cthulhu}}

Lovell, Robert[edit]

Output Template
1661, Robert Lovell, ΠΑΝΖΩΟΡΥΚΤΟΛΟΓΙΑ [PANZŌORYKTOLOGIA]. Sive Panzoologicomineralogia. Or a Compleat History of Animals and Minerals, Containing the Summe of All Authors, both Ancient and Modern, Galenicall and Chymicall, [...], Oxford: Printed by Hen[ry] Hall, for Jos[eph] Godwin, OCLC 79920846:
{{RQ:Lovell Panzooryktologia}}

Lyly, John[edit]

Output Template
c. 1590, [John Lyly], Mother Bombie. [], London: Imprinted by Thomas Scarlet for Cuthbert Burby, published 1594, OCLC 222361197; 2nd edition, London: Printed by Thomas Creede, for Cuthbert Burby, 1598, OCLC 84756132, Act I, scene i:
{{RQ:Lyly Mother Bombie}}
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