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WT:FUN competition[edit]

For this competition, we will be playing a variety of a board game. The board is identical to a Scrabble board, and the tiles used are identical to the ones used in English Scrabble. The rules are based on Scrabble, but modified to allow more "words". I'm assuming that everyone knows the basic rules of Scrabble, if not - look at this.

Modifications to the rules[edit]

  1. Acceptable words - they must have an entry in en.wikt.
    1. Any word in any language that uses Roman script and that passes WT:CFI is accepted. Spaces, capital letters, hyphens, punctuation, diacritical marks etc. are allowed, but for the sake of gameplay, are ignored when being put on the board. So, the word alitayttaa will be accepted as alitäyttää is a word. The words lookupto, YMCA, top-heavy are, therefore, valid too. Letters such as œ may be used as either o or e.
    2. Words not using the Roman alphabet are also valid, provided they are properly transliterated according to the general rules of the language. Hence, bystreje is allowed, as быстрее is a Russian word.
  2. Scoring: As multiple players will play with the same letters at the same time, the scoring system must be modified.
    1. Every round lasts for a day, or at least until the time when the Gamesmaster is next online after a period of 24 hours.
    2. With the seven tiles, players must make the word with the most points. Points are awarded in exactly the same way as in normal English-language Scrabble. Players should email their words to the Gamesmaster in such a way to show the starting place and the direction, e.g. [H7 across: bystreje]. Every player gets a corresponding score which will be placed in the points section.
    3. The highest-scoring word will be placed onto the board, and then new letters will be taken out of a virtual bag for the next round. In the result of a tie, the first player to submit gets their word on the table.
    4. Play continues thus until all the letters have been used up. The player with the highest total score is the winner.
  3. Contesting words
    1. Anybody is free to contest the validity of any words. Any words played which are later deleted from Wiktionary will incur a penalty of receiving nil points.


  • Gold - Triple word
  • Pink - Double word
  • Purple - Triple letter
  • Cyan - Double letter
1 B3 I1 T1 O1 V4 E1 T1 E1
2 I1 N1 C3 I1 P3 I1 A1 R1 E1
3 B3 R1 O1 W4 N1 I1 E1 S1 T*0
4 M3 N1 Y4
5 A1 A1 S1
6 F4 Q10 T1
7 H4 I1 E1 A1
8 A1 A1 S1 O1 W4 E1 R1 E1 F4 D2
9 R1 D2 X8
10 K5 A1 U1
11 E1 G2 I1
12 S1 I1 L1 T1 E1 L1 O1 R1 U1 M*0
13 T1 O1 I1 Z10 U1 M3 O1 N1 T1 O1
14 N1 V4 O1 J8 E1 H4 A1 G2 G2 L1 D2
15 P3 E1 N1 E1 Y4 R1 U1 A1 L1 D2 C3



On a blank board, with letters R - 1 J - 8 F - 4 A - 1 G - 2 S - 1 M -3

  • Bob - H6 down - ARMS - 12 points
  • Dave- E8 across - JAMS - 26 points
  • Ladylove988 - H6 down JARGS - 42 points
  • Sockpuppet9923 - H4 down - JMARsFG - 0 points (invalid word)
  • Maddog44 - H4 down - FARMS - 28 points

In this case, Ladylove988's word JARGS is placed onto the board, after she adds the word jargs to the dictionary.

Feb 24[edit]

  • Metaknowledge - B8 across - ASOWERE - 72 points. asowere
  • SemperBlotto - F8 across - SEWER - 16 points
    • Quadcont - D8 across - WORSE - 24 points

Feb 25[edit]

I had to change email address. I got mistaken for a spambot :(

  • DTLHS - B1 down - KARHESTA - 84 pts
  • SB - B6 down - STARKER - 23 pts
  • Meta - TRAKHEES - F3 down - 77 pts
  • Pingku - B9 across - THRAKES - 88 pts
  • JohnC5 - A7 down: HARKEST and AASOWERE - 128 pts. aasowere?
    • Quadcont - KHATERS (Khaters), AK, SH, OA, WT, EE, RR, ES - B9 across - 106

Feb 26[edit]

It will save me a lot of trouble if you calculate your own scores. Great previous round, especially by SB, who was blatantly the only one playing without any help whatsoever.

  • MK - ECOMAFIE [H8 down]. - 98 pts
    • QC - G3 down - ACIFORME - 70 pts
  • DTLHS - B4 down FACIAMO, HI, RM, KO, 39 points
  • Andrew Sheedy - B10 down, MAFICO (máfico, KM, ea, SF, ti) - 61 pts
  • Pingku - MAFICO (Spanish, máfico) D7 Across - 36 pts
  • JohnC5 - H1 down ECOMAFIE - 104 pts
  • Wikitiki - B1 down: ECOMAFIA, A7 across: HI, 49 points 99 points 101 points
  • SB - A12 across - SCAFO 10*2 = 20

Feb 28[edit]

And JohnC5 runs into second place between MK.

  • SB - F2 across NOCIDA (Nocida)- 14 pts
    • QC - E5 down GODWAINE (Godwaine) - 102 pts
  • Pingku - CONGEDAI congedai - H2 across - 78 points
  • MK - GEODINAE [A1 across] (Translingual name for a subfamily of fish) Geodinae. I think that's 86 points
  • Wikitiki - B8 down: ADAGIONE adagione (also spells: RD, KA, EG, SI, TO). Total of 88 points92 pts
  • JohnC5 - [A1 across OGADENIE] Ogadenie 12 * 3 + 50 = 86
  • Andrew Sheedy - C2 down - DIAGNOSE - 74 pts
  • DTLHS - C7 across: ANGIOIDE, AS, NO, GW, IE, OR, angioide 80 points

March 1[edit]

A few debatable entries in the previous round. Nocida, Godwaine and Geodinae. No doubts about the winner, though. Please add entry Ogadenie, or you'll be docked the points.

  • SB - C12 down - XIUL (Xiul - strange female given name - I'll add it soon) 11*2=22, also gives:- SIX (six) 10, TOI (toi) 3*2 = 6, EL (el) 2, total 40 pts
    • QC - A1 across REYX (Reyx)- 66 pts
  • Pingku - YEUX yeux - A15 across - 66 points
  • DTLHS - A15 across YEUX 66 points
  • MK - ELIXIRY [15B across]: 18 * 3 = 54 points.
  • Wikitiki - C8 down: SXUILI (სხუილი), also spells RDX, KAU, EGI, SIL, TOI. 81 points
  • A. Sheedy - A15 across - YEUX - 66 pts
  • JohnC5 - [C7 YURIX(I)] "Yurixi" is an uncommon Mexican given name with YS, UO, RW, IE, and XR - 63 pts

March 2[edit]

Wikitiki is clearly not thick, as სხუილი would otherwise suggest.

  • SB - A10 across - KAUPAY (kaupay) 5*3,2,1,3,1,4*3 = 33
  • Wikitiki - I1 down: PUYAREN, also spells EP, CU, OY, MA, AR, FE, IN. 98 points
  • MK - My next word is PENEYRUA [15A across] (Spanish surname Peñeyrúa) - 176 points.
    @Quadcont Since this word isn't in Wiktionary, shouldn't it be considered invalid? The same goes for JohnC5's submission below. And assuming they both add their words, does MK win simply because he submitted his first (since they have the same score)? Andrew Sheedy (talk) 14:08, 3 March 2017 (UTC)
    I'll let them add the word within 24 hours. And MK "wins" because he was first. I think this might be a case of rare misspelling of Piñeyrúa, though. So MK is likely to be fucked. --Quadcont (talk) 14:11, 3 March 2017 (UTC)
  • Pingku - PEYERAN (peyeran) - A15 across - 39 points
  • JohnC5 - [A15 PERENAYU] Avestan term for "adult". 14 * 3 * 3 + 50 = 176 𐬞𐬆𐬭𐬆𐬥𐬁𐬌𐬌𐬎(pərənāiiu).
    I should point out there is still debate on Wiktionary and elsewhere whether ii and uu should be transliterated as y and v respectively. They historically have been transliterated thus and are the word-internal allographs of 𐬫(y) and 𐬬(v). —JohnC5 16:48, 3 March 2017 (UTC)
  • Andrew S - D10 down - PAYNE (and KAUP, EGIA, SILY, TOIN) - 53 pts

March 5[edit]

  • SB - F2 across = JOCE (Latin joce) 8*3,1,3,1 = 29
  • MK - JOBIER (Jobier) [G3 down, with JO, OM, BA, IF, EI] - 57 points, probably
  • Pingku - VOJE ((voje; ve, oy, jr, eu) - D14 across - 67 points
  • A. Sheedy - E11 down - JIVEY jivey - 36 pts

March 7[edit]

  • JohnC5 - [F2 VE(C)IBE] 27 pts - vecibe in Turkish
  • MK - BITOVETE [A1 across] (Bulgarian битовете) - 92 points.
  • Pingku - OBVIE (obvie; co, ob, mv, ai, fe) - I2 down - 38 points
  • Wikitiki - G3 down: OBVETRIT, also spells OO, BM, VA, EF, TI: 88 points
    @Quadcont: It was supposed to say OBVETRIT. If my email contained a typo, then the evidence is in the "also spells" list (-OBVET-), the available letters (no R) and board placement (R must be the sixth letter), and the score of 88. --WikiTiki89 11:38, 7 March 2017 (UTC)
    I'll talk with my croonies about it, and will give a decision shortly. --Quadcont (talk) 11:44, 7 March 2017 (UTC)
    Yeah, no problem. I am in a good mood today. Enjoy the points. --Quadcont (talk) 14:39, 7 March 2017 (UTC)

March 8[edit]

  • MK - : BROWNIES [F3 across] - 86 points.
  • Pingku - BROWNIES - F3 across - 86 points

March 9[edit]

  • SB - L1 down - PIERI (pieri) 3*2,1,1,1,1 = 10 * 2 = 20
  • MK - SPINARII (spinării) [M3 down] - 62 points.
  • WikiTiki - F2 across INCIPIAR, also spells EIB, TNR, IW, PN, II, AE, RS. 100 points
  • Sheedy - J4 across - PIRANI (and NP, ii, er, sa) - 30 pts
  • Pingku - RIPIANI (ripiani; reu) - G13 across - 80 points

March 10[edit]

  • Wikitiki - G13 across: ZUMONTO zumonto, also spells zeu. 134 points
  • the Sheedster - L1 across - ZOOM (and ZAE, ors) - 100 pts
  • MK - Next word: UNZOOM unzoom [J1 across with UPN, nii, ZAE, ors] - 81+5+3+22+3 = 114 points.
  • Pingku - ZOOM (zoom; ZAE, ors) - L1 across - 100 points
  • SB - F6 down - ZOEM (zoem) 10*3, 1,1,3 = 35
    • QC - G13 across - Montouz - 102 pts

March 13[edit]

The Gamesmaster has made known (to me, for some reason) their inability to continue in the role, due to being blocked. Does anyone feel up to taking over? In the meantime, this round's entries can be added below. — Pingkudimmi 14:19, 12 March 2017 (UTC)

  • QC - QUENEFA (quenefa) - 102 pts
  • Pingku - QAFE (qafë; qáe, ars) - L1 across - 103 points
  • Andrew Sheedy - QUEEF (what a word, but that's what I've got...) (qu, um, eo, en, ft) - 90 pts
  • MK - QUENEFA - 102 points (now I feel like nobody will believe me, but I did come up with this independently)
  • Wikitiki89 - ETNAQEF (אתנקף), also spells INCIPIARE and BROWNIEST. 165 points (if anyone doesn't believe me, look at who created the entry for this word and when)
    • OK. I missed/forgot the forwarded email. Well done, anyway. — Pingkudimmi 14:19, 13 March 2017 (UTC)

Back to normal for the next round, with a new gamesmaster.

Next cutoff: 15 March 01:30 UTC

March 15[edit]

  • ASheedy O4 down - DYADS (and ND, AY, QA, ED, FS) 65 points
  • MK DAGTYD [O4 down, with ND, AA, QG, ET, fy] - 71 points
  • Pingku ADDYSG (addysg; aa, QD, ed, fy - O5 down - 77 points
  • QC O3O4 down - GYSTADD ) gystadd, making also NG, ay, Qs, et, fa. - 136 pts
    • Demonstrably red-linked at time of cutoff and therefore self-challenged. Invalid for board placement but may be scored later if added.
      • Sorry to disappoint, but BROWNIESTG would also have to be a word for that to count. --WikiTiki89 01:59, 15 March 2017 (UTC)
        • Actually never mind, but that would actually be O4 down. I hope you still added up the points right. --WikiTiki89 02:49, 15 March 2017 (UTC)
          • The question's moot. I'm told it was a repeated scanno for gystudd, which we also don't have but apparently should. (Google Translate thinks it's Welsh and means "affliction" or "distress.")— Pingkudimmi 12:28, 15 March 2017 (UTC)
  • Wikitiki YSTAD, also spells NY, AS, QT, EA, FD. 93 points
    • O4 down

Next cutoff: 16 March 13:30 UTC

March 16[edit]

Horrible letters.

  • Wikitiki J14 across: HAGGLD (haggl'd), also spells OH, NA, TG, OG. 61 points

Next cutoff: 18 March 01:30 UTC

March 18[edit]

  • ASheedy COULTER (and CM, OOH, UNA, LTG, TOG) - 85 pts
    • And CM; I12 across
  • Wikitiki G12 across: TELORUM, also spells TZEU (a possible transliteration of צאו), EU, LM, OOH, RNA, UTG, MOG. 104 points
  • MK ROLETUM [H12 across, with ru, om, loh, ena, TTG, uog] - 92, I think (but I'm bad at math, so it's always best to check).
  • Pingku ROUTABLE (routable) - D5 across - 78 points
  • QC H12 across - TORUL*E (torulae), also making tu, om, roh, una, AOG - 91 pts

Next cutoff: 19 March 13:30 UTC

March 19[edit]

  • ASheedy N15 across - DC (and LD, and DC again...hope that's allowed) - 33 pts
    • Yes, each word is validated independently.
  • MK LDC [M15 across, with mogł, LD, DC] - 43 points.
    • 40, I think, but it matters little.
  • QC LCD J11 across, also making looh لوح, crna, dutg - "dutg means sth in Romansch."
    • 37 points
  • Wikitiki M15 across: LCD, also spells MOGL (mógł), LC, DD. 98 points
    • 38, I think. It can't be significantly different from MK's.

When I'm next on I'll do a check and list the results. Then I'll allow a bit of time for challenges (of words and/or scores). And maybe someone will enter dutg... Round winners won't change (they only count for board placement).— Pingkudimmi 14:12, 19 March 2017 (UTC)

I was a bit off with my points, but don't forget that the 50 point bonus is for using all the available letters, even if there are less than 7. So 88 for me, 90 for MK, etc. --WikiTiki89 17:17, 19 March 2017 (UTC)
As far as I'm aware, there isn't actually a 50 point bonus when there are no longer 7 letters left, unfortunately. Andrew Sheedy (talk) 18:53, 19 March 2017 (UTC)
Oh never mind you're right. --WikiTiki89 19:11, 19 March 2017 (UTC)


F24F25F26F28 M1 M2 M5 M7 M8 M9M10M15M16M18M19Total
Metaknowledge 72779886541765792866211471 9240 1177
Wikitiki 101928198 88 100134936110438 990
Quadcont 241067010266 654490 102136 91Inv896
Pingku 88367366396738868010077 78 833
Andrew Sheedy 6174665336 3010065 8533 603
JohnC5 1281048663176Inv 557
DTLHS 84398066 269
SemperBlotto 16232014403329 2035 230

@Metaknowledge, Wikitiki89, JohnC5, DTLHS, SemperBlotto, Andrew Sheedy

  • MK is the clear overall winner, through consistency of entering and high scores.
  • Wikitiki won the most rounds.

Well done to both. You will receive the usual reimbursement in kudos.

There are a couple of anomalies in the choice of round winner / word for board placement:

  • In round "F28", Quadcont's recorded score was higher, but MK's word was placed on the board.
  • In round "M2", MK and JohnC5 recorded the same score. MK's word was chosen.

In each case, the table reflects the previous Gamesmaster's choice, which I have declined to second-guess.

I will be receptive to comments, questions, corrections, etc. (on this page) made before 24 March 01:30 UTC. Thanks to all.— Pingkudimmi 09:07, 22 March 2017 (UTC)

Thanks! As explained elsewhere, WF wasn't playing officially due to being Gamesmaster (hence not putting his word on the board, and always indenting his entry). Also, he specified that when two words of equal pointage were submitted, the one submitted first would go on the board (some means of choosing one is obviously necessary, but obviously it has no impact on the scores). —Μετάknowledgediscuss/deeds 16:49, 22 March 2017 (UTC)
Thanks. I thought there would be some such reasoning, but missed the explanation. I think other gamesmasters in the past have elected to play. (Whether or not they regarded this as "official" I'm now not sure.)— Pingkudimmi 08:53, 23 March 2017 (UTC)
Should we email you to supply our kudo account numbers so that you can reimburse us? --WikiTiki89 17:47, 22 March 2017 (UTC)
I had assumed this was more-or-less automatic. If you haven't noticed any change in your account in, say, three weeks, try placing a link to this page prominently on your own user page...— Pingkudimmi 08:53, 23 March 2017 (UTC)