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This is a list of durable archives that are searchable for free. It is intended as a resource for finding citations of words as per the Criteria for Inclusion. Not listed are resources that require paid membership, even after a trial period, or otherwise charge a fee to perform the search or retrieve quotations. This would exclude sites such as Amazon.com, which requires a previous purchase to preview material.


Websites in general[edit]

Internet addresses are not considered durably archived in the general case. Do not add any web search engines here. However, do not remove any citations of insightful quotations from the Internet, even if the website no longer exists. Sites such as web.archive.org attempt to archive the Internet where possible, although at present such resources could not be considered durable because they are at the mercy of the original copyright holders.


Usenet (see Wikipedia article) is considered durably archived because of its age. It has been accessible constantly since 1980, before the creation of the World Wide Web. It is now only accessible through Google groups.

Online media[edit]

Media resources such as YouTube, intended for online use only, are not considered durably archived. If the material is taken from another source, such as a movie or television show, then cite the original source. In rare cases the clips are professional productions whose publishers have real, non-virtual contact information. Those special cases can be cited, but they are not considered durably archived on those grounds alone.

The following resources are durably archived in print form and are searchable online. Note that many websites also have forums and/or blogs which are not durably archived and should be excluded from searches.

In some cases it may be necessary to use a third-party search engine such as Google or Yahoo to search the site. Whenever the site is open to such search, the relevant domains are listed.

To extend the lists below, add links to websites that archive material, but do not add a <tt>domain.name</tt> unless the website allows robots.


Other languages[edit]