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WT:A Wiktionary: Administrators
WT:AAR Wiktionary: About Arabic
WT:ACCEL User talk:Conrad.Irwin/creation.js
WT:AES Wiktionary: About Spanish
WT:AFD Wiktionary: Requests for deletion
WT:AHE Wiktionary: About Hebrew
WT:AHU Wiktionary: About Hungarian
WT:AJA Wiktionary: About Japanese
WT:ALA Wiktionary: About Latin
WT:AN Wiktionary: Announcements
WT:APR Wiktionary: Pronunciation file requests
WT:ARO Wiktionary: About Romanian
WT:ASL Wiktionary:About sign languages
WT:AZH Wiktionary: About Chinese
WT:BB Wiktionary: Be bold in updating pages
Wiktionary: Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense
WT:BP Wiktionary: Beer parlour
WT:BR Wiktionary: Bug reports
WT:CAT Special: Categories
WT:CDE Wiktionary: Cleanup and deletion elements
WT:CDP Wiktionary: Cleanup and deletion process
WT:CG Wiktionary: Categorization
WT:CFI Wiktionary: Criteria for inclusion
WT:CP Wiktionary: Community Portal
WT:CR Category: Requests
WT:DR Wiktionary: Dispute resolution
WT:DW Wiktionary: Administrators/Dishwashing
WT:EDH User: Brian0918/Hotlist
WT:EDIT MediaWiki talk:Gadget-TranslationAdder.js
WT:ELE Wiktionary: Entry layout explained
WT:EL TR Wiktionary:Greek transliteration
WT:ES Wiktionary:Etymology scriptorium
WT:FAQ Wiktionary: FAQ
WT:GL Wiktionary: Glossary
WT:GRC TR Wiktionary:Ancient Greek Romanization and Pronunciation
WT:H Help: Contents
WT:I2P Wiktionary: Index to Policies
WT:I2T Wiktionary: Index to templates
WT:ID Wiktionary: Information desk
Wiktionary: Interesting new entries
WT:IRC Wiktionary: IRC channel
WT:IT Wiktionary: Inflection templates
WT:LC Wiktionary: Language considerations
WT:LOP Appendix:List of protologisms
WT:NYMS Wiktionary:Semantic relations
WT:ONYMS Wiktionary:Semantic relations
WT:OP Wiktionary: WikiProject on open proxies
WT:PCBEW Wiktionary: Project - Cleanup of Basic English Words
WT:POL Category: Policies - Wiktionary Top Level
WT:PR Category: Wiktionary projects
WT:PRON Wiktionary:Pronunciation
WT:PUMP Wiktionary: Beer parlour
WT:RAE Wiktionary: Requested entries:English
WT:RFA Wiktionary: Administrators
WT:RFC Wiktionary: Requests for Cleanup
WT:RFD Wiktionary: Requests for deletion
WT:RFD/O Wiktionary:Requests for deletion/Others
WT:RFV Wiktionary: Requests for verification
WT:RFVA Wiktionary: Requests for verification/archive
WT:RQ Category: Requests
WT:SB Wiktionary: Sandbox
WT:SD Wiktionary:Smallest discussions
WT:TA Wiktionary:Entries needing topical attention
WT:TOW Wiktionary: Translations of the Week
WT:TR Wiktionary: Tea room
WT:TTBC Wiktionary: Translations to be checked
WT:TTD Wiktionary: Things to do
WT:TW Wiktionary: Transwiki log
WT:UT Wiktionary:Utilities
WT:VIP Wiktionary: Vandalism in progress
WT:VP Wiktionary: Voting policy
WT:WARN Category: User warning templates
WT:WIN Wiktionary: What Wiktionary is not
WT:WOTD Wiktionary: Word of the day
WT:WS This page's parent page Wiktionary: Shortcuts
WT:WSI Category:Wikisaurus (Wikisaurus Index)
WT:WT This page's parent page Wiktionary: Shortcuts
WT:CUTS This page's parent page Wiktionary: Shortcuts

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