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Manual TransWiki

Since the Special:Import feature is now available, manual transwikification of articles from Wikipedia to Wiktionary is strongly discouraged.

Note: w:User:CopyToWiktionaryBot does all this routinely. If you need to pester Connel MacKenzie to run it (more than once a month) then by all means, pester Connel MacKenzie to run it. This page is for the rare circumstance, where a regular contributor tries (incorrectly) to manually bypass the correct process.

Only sysops have access to this special page. When incorrect manual transwikifications are detected, this procedure should be followed to correct the error.

  1. Sysop deletes the Wiktionary page.
  2. Sysop visits w:CAT:MtW and verifies that page desired is listed there.
  3. Sysop returns to Special:Import and enters the page name (not URL encoded or anything) and imports all revisions into the Transwiki: namespace on Wiktionary.
  4. Sysop (or user) returns to Wikipedia, and changes w:Template:dicdef or w:Template:Copy to Wiktionary (or whatever the template name used was...8 varieties) to w:Template:TWCleanup.
  5. Sysop (or user) then adds a new section to w:Wikipedia:Transwiki log/Articles moved from here/en.wiktionary and puts a one-liner entry indicating that the article was moved. Note that for Wikipedia, this is the MOST critical step. If a user was clueless about doing a manual transwikification, they probably forgot this step too.
  6. Sysop (or user) returns to Wiktionary and edits the Transwiki page, replacing {{dicdef}} (etc) with {{subst:TWCleanup}} (NOTE: Subst: it!) and save.
  7. Normal transwiki process resumes:
    1. All Wikipedia templates and categories are removed from Transwiki: namespace entry
    2. Transwiki namespace entry is moved to wherever (Appendix:, main namespace, etc.)
    3. Normal Wiktionary wikification begins.

If additional copies are found on Wiktionary, they need to be deleted, and the Transwiki version moved atop them, THEN DELETED VERSIONS RESTORED, if subsequent edits have already occurred.

Note that redirects from the Transwiki: namespace are normally retained for at least a month. In situations where confusion has arisen, it is advisable to retain the redirects longer.