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Language content should be in language entries. RHS content above the first L2 is possibly allowed if the page has only a single entry (this can look nicer if the Table of Contents is shown as it fills the blank space to its left).

Always allowed: <character info> templates, script note, combining diacritical marks title, nolanguage/box, selfref, notenglish/box, nolanguage, stroke order, commonsrad, hani-forms, also, cleanup, tocright, see also, xsee, zh-forms, appendix, only in, displaytitle, only-in, unsupportedpage, defaultsort, rfc, zh-hanzi, redirects-here, delete

Possibly allowed when single entry page: sisterlinks, wikiversity, wikisource1911enc, wikipedia, ja-forms, ja-kanjitab, pedia, wikispecies, ko-hanjatab, wikibooks, wikiquote, ko-forms, wp, wikisource, commonscat, book of the bible, langindex, rfv, was wotd, slim-wikipedia, commons, interwiktionary, rfd,