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Gnome-system-run.svg A bot is currently being run to handle most of these.
Human editors are advised to ignore this page for now. After the next database-dump, this list will be regenerated, to allow for easy identification of cases that the bot couldn't handle.

In April 2011, we voted to "[d]eprecat[e] the practice, rule or guideline that allows representative entries to be placed at the start of the list of members of categories" by using sort-keys that start with an asterisk or a space (see Wiktionary:Votes/2011-04/Representative entries). However, there does not seem to have been any drive to fix existing such entries, and there remain a few thousand of them.

The below 2,671 entries were found by examining the last database dump (31 December 2012), scanning page-text for the Perl regex \[\[ *Category *:[^\]\[\|]+\|[ *] (meaning an explicit in-entry category-link where the first character after the pipe is an asterisk or a space).

time perl -wne ' BEGIN
                   { $/ = "</page>\n"; }
                 m{<ns>0</ns>} or next; # skip pages outside mainspace
                 m{<title>([^<]+)</title>} or die;
                 my $title = $1;
                 m{<text xml:space="preserve">([^<]+)</text>}
                   or m{<text xml:space="preserve" />()} or die;
                 if($1 =~ m/\[\[ *Category *:[^\]\[\|]+\|[ *]/)
                   { print "$title\n"; }
               ' < enwiktionary-20121230-pages-articles.xml > tmp.txt