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Replacement filing cabinet.svg This page is no longer active. It is being kept for historical interest.
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A new feature of MediWiki 1.5 allows user groups to be created which include users at different levels.

Each group can be assigned a mixture of the following rights.

read ***
Allows users to read pages (other than whitelisted pages if that option is on)
edit ***
Allows editing of any page which is not protected
move **
Lets users change the title of a page by moving it
delete *
Lets a user delete a page
undelete *
Lets a user view deleted versions, undelete a previously deleted page, or undelete specific revisions of a deleted page
protect *
Lets users lock or unlock a page, and edit locked pages
block *
Enables a user to block an IP address, user name, or range of IPs, from editing
Lets a user change the access levels of another user
createaccount ***
Lets a user create a user account for another user, or for themselves
upload **
Lets a user upload an image or other file to the wiki, or to overwrite an existing non-protected file
rollback *
Gives a user a link to more easily revert a bad edit.
editinterface *
Lets users edit the MediaWiki namespace to affect the interface
Should let users change settings that affect the whole site but is currently non-functional
Lets users edit without their edits showing up in recent changes (usually only used for mass edits by bots)
asksql *
Lets a user query the database using SQL (currently disabled on Wikipedia)
Lets a user find all the IP addresses used by a particular logged in user, and to show all the contributions from a given IP address, including those made by logged in users. See meta:CheckUser for a discussion of this.

On Wikimedia sites:

  • Anonymous unsnon-signed-in users marked ***
  • Ordinary users have the abilities marked **.
  • The admin group has the abilities marked *.
  • The bureaucrat group has a restricted Special:Makesysop interface, while the steward group has the full Special:Userrights interface and an extended version

There has been discussion of making some of the abilities available individually, but there has been no consensus to do this as yet.

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