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These are the use cases, discussions and votes concerning Wikidata. See also: Wiktionary:Wikidata policy.

Use cases[edit]

This is a list of possible uses for Wikidata. Some of them may not have been properly discussed. Consensus is needed before implementing them.

  • Storing names, image names, properties and further information of Unicode characters. (discussion and discussion)
  • Storing bibliographical data for citations and references. (mentioned at the end of discussion and of discussion)
  • Storing place name information for our use in definitions and categories of place names. (discussion)
  • Storing information about letters and alphabets. (discussion)

The following use cases may be unwanted, or may be more controversial than most.

  • Storing senses and translations. (discussion)
  • Storing a list of language codes and the respective language names. (discussion)
  • Storing the family tree of languages. (discussion)



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