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These are the use cases, discussions and votes concerning Wikidata. See also: Wiktionary:Wikidata policy.

Lexicographical data in Wikidata[edit]

The sister project Wikidata has released a new namespace which has a structure similar to that of Wiktionary. The project is called Lexicographical data in Wikidata and will support Wiktionary with structured data. The first version was deployed in May 2018, and the first lexeme is about a Sumerian noun. The project does not have too many features at the beginning, but these will come with time. Feel free to contribute. You will find further information at d:Wikidata:Lexicographical data.

Use cases[edit]

This is a list of possible uses for Wikidata. Some of them may not have been properly discussed. Consensus is needed before implementing them.

  • Storing names, image names, properties and further information of Unicode characters. (discussion and discussion)
  • Storing bibliographical data for citations and references. (mentioned at the end of discussion and of discussion)
  • Storing place name information for our use in definitions and categories of place names. (discussion)
  • Storing information about letters and alphabets. (discussion)

The following use cases may be unwanted, or may be more controversial than most.

  • Storing senses and translations. (discussion)
  • Storing a list of language codes and the respective language names. (discussion)
  • Storing the family tree of languages. (discussion)



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