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Grammar terms[edit]

The grammar

  • Andr. Joh. Sjögren, Ірон ӕвзагахур [Iron/Īron ævzagakhur] das ist Ossetische Sprachlehre, nebst kurzem Ossetisch-Deutschen und Deutsch-Ossetischen Wörterbuche, St. Petersburg, 1844: GB/GB
    (in the book T. denotes the dialect Tagaurisch (Tagaur or Iron?), D. the dialect Digorisch (Digor[ian]) )

is about Ossetian, and it mentions many Ossetian grammar terms. Maybe some of these terms are attestable (or could be added based on these mentionings), so that there could be Category:os:Grammar. - 17:42, 16 July 2017 (UTC)