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Ermm, this is disturbing :) Don't you think that calling December 12th Wiktionary day is a bit over the top? Smelialichu 17:18 Dec 14, 2002 (UTC)

no, as there is a Wikipedia Day.

It's not an official definition - live a little. :) --Maveric149

OK, I guess I'm being a BIT boring :) I just think that wiktionary day should come AFTER we've achieved something, though it does look like we're making good progress. Anyway, sorry for being so boring! Smelialichu 10:46 Dec 15, 2002 (UTC)

Actually, I wouldn't object to declaring Wiktionary day on the day we move to www.wiktionary.org (which I just bought BTW). Right now we are just messing around and trying to figure things out. So maybe you we just being the rational one. --mav

OK arggeed to naming wiktionary day afer the move to .org.