Yuan Tan

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From Mandarin 元旦 (yuándàn).

Proper noun[edit]

Yuan Tan

  1. Chinese New Year
    • 1972 January, Bruce McWilliams, “A world Friendship Pageant”, in Boys' Life, volume 62, number 1:
      The Chinese celebrate Yuan Tan (pronounced wahn tahn), or the New Year, during the first month of their 13- month lunar calendar.
    • 1996, Belinda Recio & Catherine Kouts, The Essence of Red, →ISBN, page 35:
      The celebration of Yuan Tan, the Chinese New Year, concludes with a red dragon parading up and down the street.
    • 1997, John Logan, Teacher's Resource Book, page 12:
      Another unifying factor amongst die Chinese people is the celebration of the New Year, Yuan Tan.
    • 1997, Angela Wood, John Logan, & Jenny Rose, Time and Seasons, →ISBN, page 47:
      Preparations for Yuan Tan begin the week before when each family member gathers in the kitchen.


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