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From ab- +‎ nerve +‎ -al.


abnerval (not comparable)

  1. (anatomy, of an electric current in a muscle, rare) Away from the nerve.
    • 1896, F. A. Welby, Electro-physiology[1], volume 1, translation of original by Wilhelm Biedermann:
      As was stated above, a diphasic current may be demonstrated by means of the rheotome method, between every two points of an uninjured muscle, directly or indirectly excited, the first phase being abnerval, the second adnerval, in direction.
    • 1980, Ralph Rickards, Understanding Medical Terms: A Self-Instructional Course[2], Churchill Livingstone, page 45:
      (b) Does an abnerval electric current pass towards or away from a nerve?
    • 2014, Peter Harris, Sue Nagy, and Nicholas Vardaxis, Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health Professions[3], 3rd edition:
      Physiological currents include abnerval current, action current, axial current, centrifugal current, centripetal current, compensating current, demarcation current and electrotonic current.