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Norwegian Bokmål[edit]


abonnement +‎ -s- +‎ pris, first part from French abonnement (subscription), from both abonner (subscribe), from Old French aboner + and the suffix -ment, from Middle French -ment, from Old French -ment, from Latin mente, ablative singular of mēns (mind, intellect, reason), from Proto-Italic *mentis, from Proto-Indo-European *méntis (thought), from *men- (to think, mind) + *-tis (derives abstract/action nouns from verb roots). Last part from Old Norse príss, from Middle Low German pris, from Old French preis, pris (price), from Latin pretium (worth, price; money spent; wage, reward), from Proto-Italic *pretjom, from Proto-Indo-European *per- (before, in front; first).


  • IPA(key): /abʊnəˈmaŋspriːs/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -iːs
  • Hyphenation: ab‧on‧ne‧ments‧pris


abonnementspris m (definite singular abonnementsprisen, indefinite plural abonnementspriser, definite plural abonnementsprisene)

  1. a subscription price (agreed price for regular delivery of goods or services)
    • 1931 June 20, Ludvig Saxe, A-magasinet, page 7:
      annonsemengden øker og abonnementsprisen går ned
      the amount of ads increases and the subscription price decreases
    • 2015 February 25, Aftenposten, page 7:
      man [kan] velge om man vil strømme bøker mot en fast abonnementspris eller bare laste ned en enkelttittel
      you [can] choose whether you want to stream books for a fixed subscription price or just download a single title