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accommodated +‎ -ness


accommodatedness (uncountable)

  1. The quality of being accommodated.
    • 1908, "The Irish Ecclesiastical Record", Browne and Nolan, p. 447
      To sum up, the chief qualities of Father Lucas's book are its sincerity, its quiet humour, its accommodatedness. He lays bare his own mind []
    • 1988, "Nature and Salvation in Piers Plowman", Hugh White, p. 60
      Langland is, I think, optimistically insisting on the accommodatedness even of the fallen world of sin and suffering to the spiritual aspirations of man.
    • 2003, "Reformed Theology: Identity and Ecumenicity", Wallace M. Alston, p. 168
      This sets the limit to its accommodatedness. The Principle of Relativity can be extremely helpful here.