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Learned borrowing from Latin acētum.


acetum (plural acetums or aceta)

  1. (obsolete) Vinegar, sometimes medicated.



Alternative forms[edit]


From aceō (to be sour).[1]



acētum n (genitive acētī); second declension

  1. vinegar
    • c. 69 CE – 122 CE, Suetonius, De vita Caesarum 4 37:
      Nepōtātus sūmptibus omnium prōdigōrum ingenia superāvit, commentus novum balneārum ūsum, portentōsissima genera cibōrum atque cēnārum, ut calidīs frīgidīsque unguentīs lavārētur, prētiōsissima margarīta acētō liquefacta sorbēret, convīvīs ex aurō pānēs et obsōnia appōneret, aut frūgī hominem esse oportere dictitāns aut Caesarem.
      • 1889 translation by Alexander Thomson
        In the devices of his profuse expenditure, he surpassed all the prodigals that ever lived; inventing a new kind of bath, with strange dishes and suppers, washing in precious unguents, both warm and cold, drinking pearls of immense value dissolved in vinegar, and serving up for his guests loaves and other victuals modelled in gold; often saying, " that a man ought either to be a good economist or an emperor."
  2. (figuratively) wit, shrewdness


Second-declension noun (neuter).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative acētum acēta
Genitive acētī acētōrum
Dative acētō acētīs
Accusative acētum acēta
Ablative acētō acētīs
Vocative acētum acēta

Derived terms[edit]



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