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acre-breadth (countable and uncountable, plural acre-breadths)

  1. Alternative form of acre's breadth
    • 1840, Robert Chambers, William Chambers, Chambers's Edinburgh Journal - Volume 8, page 410:
      In the huge Music Hall of the Scottish capital is seen an acre-breadth of the human face divine—the intelligent countenances of the middle and upper classes of a city noted for its cultivation of literature and science.
    • 1902, Edinburgh Review, Or Critical Journal - Volume 196, page 117:
      The cricketer who reads that the acre ' was fixed by the ordinance of Edward I. as a 'furlong in length and four poles in breadth' will notice that this acre-breadth exactly corresponds with the interval between the wickets of his favourite game.
    • 1987, F. W. Maitland, Domesday Book and Beyond, →ISBN, page 377:
      The gād of modern Cambridgeshire has been a stick 9 feet long; but the surveyor put eight into the acre-breadth, reckoning two of these gāds to the customary pole of 18 feet.