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acromion (plural acromions or acromia)

  1. (anatomy) The outermost point of the shoulder blade.
    • 1807, William Beatty, The Death of Lord Nelson[1]:
      "The ball struck the fore part of HIS LORDSHIP'S epaulette; and entered the left shoulder immediately before the processus acromion scapulae, which it slightly fractured.
    • 1904, Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles, Manual of Surgery[2]:
      The deltoid is wasted, and the acromion unduly prominent.
    • 1998 November 13, Paul C. Sereno et al., “A Long-Snouted Predatory Dinosaur from Africa and the Evolution of Spinosaurids”, in Science[3], volume 282, number 5392, DOI:10.1126/science.282.5392.1298, pages 1298-1302:
      Complete pectoral and pelvic bones show a deep subrectangular acromion on the scapula and a low obturator flange on the ischium.
    • 1999 August 27, Steve Ward et al., “Equatorius: A New Hominoid Genus from the Middle Miocene of Kenya”, in Science[4], volume 285, number 5432, DOI:10.1126/science.285.5432.1382, pages 1382-1386:
      The preserved portions of the scapula are sufficient to determine that the acromion projected well beyond the glenoid and that the axillary margin was longer than the vertebral.
    • 2009, Science[5], pages 2239-2242:
      The clavicle is a small flat bone like that of a dog (1), here preserved near the coracoid processes lying parallel to and slightly behind the acromion.


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acromion m (plural acromions)

  1. (anatomy) acromion

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