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  1. plural of adiaphoron
  2. (nonstandard, uncommon) in singular use
    • 2003, P. Solomon Raj, The New Wine-Skins: The Story of the Indigenous Missions in Coastal Andhra Pradesh, India, ISBN 8172147309, chapter i: “The Quest”, 13:
      Adiaphora being the theological tool which was developed during the controversies of the Reformation, is the baptism not an adiaphora?
    • 2008 May, Timothy M. Salo, An Orthodox Lutheran View of Ecclesiology: A Doctrinal and Practical Exchange between Valentin Ernst Loescher (1673–1749) and Joachim Lange (1670–1744), ProQuest, UMI №: 3352196, chapter iii: “Lutheran Orthodox Ecclesiology and the Challenge of Pietism”, § 3.4: ‘Loescher’s Explicit View of Ecclesiology’, sub-§ 3.4.2: «Summary», pages 197–198:
      Spener thought it should have been considered an adiaphora, or at worst, a moderate institution of spiritual life; Loescher thought its privatized nature competed directly with public and corporate worship.
    • 2015, Ankur Barua, Debating ‘Conversion’ in Hinduism and Christianity (Routledge Hindu Studies Series), ISBN 9781138847019 (hardback), ISBN 9781315726991 (e-book), chapter v: “Preaching the kingdom: ‘Caste’ and ‘conversion’”:
      Second, Roman Catholicism in India dilly-dallied on the caste question, treating ‘caste’ as an adiaphora which was not significant in matters relating to salvation.




  1. nominative feminine singular of adiaphoros
  2. nominative neuter plural of adiaphoros
  3. accusative neuter plural of adiaphoros
  4. vocative feminine singular of adiaphoros
  5. vocative neuter plural of adiaphoros


  1. ablative feminine singular of adiaphoros