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Latin adjectitius.


adjectitious (not comparable)

  1. (formal) Added; additional.
    • a 1799, John Parkhurst, A Hebrew and English lexicon without points, page 25
      An adjective, so called because adjectitious, or added to a substantive, denotes some quality or accident of the substantive to which it is joined []
    • 1827, Jeremy Bentham, Rationale of Judicial Evidence: Specially Applied to English Practice: in Five Volumes[1], volume 2, page 484:
      Circumstances by which the obligations and rights, as well principal and essential as adjectitious, established by the species of contract in question, are respectively made to cease.
    • 1870, A. C. Bradley and E. C. Benedict, "Insurance Company v. The Treasurer", United States Reports: Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court, Volume 78, page 207
      Such matter is ordinarily either omitted or else inserted in the preamble; but it has here crept on to the end of a section, and appears as an adjectitious thought. It has no effect there which it would not have had if it had been inserted in a preamble or omitted altogether.

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