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From adularia; compare adularescence.


adularization (uncountable)

  1. This term needs a definition. Please help out and add a definition, then remove the text {{rfdef}}. (The process or phenomenon of adularizing.)
    • 1935, Nevada Bureau of Mines, Bulletin:
      [] albite, calcite, and pyrite -- are compounds of magnesium, sodium, calcium, and iron, which are the principal elements removed during adularization. The peripheral relation of the chloritized rocks to the adularized rocks  []
    • 1972, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, Bulletin - Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
      Adularization is most intense near the centers of mineralization. Silicification and bleaching of the bedded tuffs are pervasive and widespread , causing the rock to be easily mistaken for rhyolite (Emmons, 1910, p. 59).
    • 2000, Volcanology and Seismology:
      These zones have small thicknesses and are replaced by zones of zeolitization and adularization at depths of a few tens of meters and often a few meters.
    • 2001, Mineralogia Polonica:
      Adularization is developed mainly in amygdaloidal, upper fragments of the flows of the so-called melaphyres, along dysjunctive zones or endocontacts of larger intrusions, but wholly confines smaller igneous bodies (e.g., dikes of ...
    • 2007, The American Journal of Science:
      Mineralogically , the metasomatic alteration is marked by incipient to total adularization of primary phenocrysts of monoclinic K - feldspar (total), of plagioclase (incipient to total) , as well as of feldspars in the matrix ...
    • 2007, Mrs. Gambold, The American Journal of Science:
      This is supported by the disappearance of cracks and cleavages in feldspars that suffered adularization. We conclude that oil impregnation occurred prior to (or partly during) adularization.