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From Middle English adweschen, from Old English ādwǣsċan (to extinguish, quench, put out, put an end to, put down, suppress, staunch, blot out, appease, destroy), from Proto-Germanic *uz- (out) + Proto-Germanic *dwaiskijaną (to suffocate), from Proto-Indo-European *dʰew- (to dwindle, die). Compare adush, dush.



adwesch (third-person singular simple present adwesches, present participle adwesching, simple past and past participle adwesched)

  1. (rare, transitive) To quench; extinguish (fire, pain, malice, enemies, etc.)
    • 1995, David M. Kiely, A night in the catacombs:
      'Monsieur Goldsmith, I ask but this: that you adwesch the Lamp, ere you enter my Bed; 'twill be a Comfort to me.'