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aeolism (countable and uncountable, plural aeolisms)

  1. Alternative form of Aeolism
    • 1991, Thomas J. Sienkewicz, The Classical Epic: An Annotated Bibliography, page 84:
      Examines features of Homeric language, especially the question of aeolisms and fixed epithets, and concludes that some Homeric words were preserved from the Mycenaean age as a result of oral epic technique, a conclusion later supported by decipherment of Linear B.
    • 1904, Edmund James Mills, The secret of Petrarch, page 100:
      In winter, too, There is grand aeolism upon my hills, When the blast sweeps the pine-boughs, and wails forth In long-drawn sobs and shrieking semitones.
    • 1913, W. Rickmer Rickmers, The Duab of Turkestan:
      After them we have the minor climatic characteristics (texture, irrigation, vegetation, aeolism), namely those determined by the atmosphere, which thus forms the intermediary between the major and minor features.