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afterhand (not comparable)

  1. (Scotland, law, archaic) Paid afterwards, rather than in advance.
    an afterhand rent


afterhand (not comparable)

  1. (archaic) Afterwards; subsequently.
    • 1824, Walter Scott, St. Ronan's Well: In Four Volumes - Volume 2, page 153:
      To be sure, ye ken best, " said the writer; “ hut, after a', now, wad it no be better to lay by this hundred pound in Tam Turnpenny's, in case the young lady should want it afterhand, just for a sair foot?“
    • 1880, The North American Review - Volume 131, page 283:
      Deduction is knowledge beforehand ; induction is knowledge afterhand.
    • 1950, Proceedings of the Section of Sciences:
      If necessary it would afterhand always be possible to integrate over larger time intervals.
    • 1971, Alexander B. Bruce, The Training of the Twelve: Timeless Principles for Leadership Development, →ISBN, page 495:
      The author forgets that the resurrection implied death as its antecedent, and that if believed in, it would have made death appear in an altogether different light, and that if it failed to do that, it would beforehand share the same fate as the death, that, viz., of being disregarded ; and afterhand would seem " too good news to be true."