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From after- +‎ touch


aftertouch (countable and uncountable, plural aftertouches)

  1. (music, uncountable) Pressure sensitivity on an electronic synthesizer, allowing the musician to change the tone or sound of a note after it is struck.
  2. (rare) A touch (feature or characteristic) added finally or as an afterthought.
  3. (video games) A feature in football/soccer games allowing the player to swerve the ball immediately after kicking it.
    • 1997, "Mark Howson", Kick Off 2: Best Amiga Game Of all time! (on newsgroup
      KO2 ruins every other football game you'll ever play; I never got good at SWOS - the controls were all wrong. And the aftertouch was stupid. And the computer keepers were always hopeless on free kicks.