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alpha male (plural alpha males)

  1. The dominant male in a group of animals.
  2. A dominating, controlling, protecting, successful, and leading man / male.
    • 2000, Black Enterprise, Alpha Male Investing, Feb 2000 Vol. 30, No. 7, page 54
      Alpha male investing Aggressive stock-picker on the prowl for less risky financial plan Stanley Richards may have been a latecomer to investing, but he's made up for lost time by aggressively buying
    • 2007, Paul Dobransky, L. A. Stamford, The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love, link
      This alpha-male status gives him the highest opportunity to mate with many of the best genetic examples of the females in his liking
    • year unknown, Wings Of Success, How to Attract Anything You want in Life, page 32
      The alpha male, is lucky in this regard, since he has a gang and while he must protect them all
    • 2012 June 28, Jamie Jackson, “Wimbledon 2012: Lukas Rosol shocked by miracle win over Rafael Nadal”, in the Guardian[1]:
      Nadal is supposedly the alpha male in any slugfest. But Rosol's forehand shots were being sent towards the Majorcan at 93mph plus, and his was the fastest serve at 134mph.
    • 2015 March 12, Daniel Taylor, “Chelsea out of Champions League after Thiago Silva sends 10-man PSG through on away goals”, in The Guardian (London)[2]:
      Fàbregas is having a lapse in form and Costa seems so preoccupied with alpha-male aggro it possibly distracts him from the rather more important task of beating the opposition goalkeeper.


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