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ambi- +‎ gender


ambigender (not comparable)

  1. Of both male and female genders.
    • 2008, Lorilee Craker, A Is for Atticus: Baby Names from Great Books
      Instead of just listing names (yawn), each name selected for A is for Atticus is profiled for its uniqueness, image, and whether or not it is up-and-coming or more stale than last week's doughnuts. Some listings include other pertinent, real-world info, such as ambigender options, cultural spins, and nicknames.
    • 2014, Manivong J. Ratts, Paul B. Pedersen, Counseling for Multiculturalism and Social Justice
      Androgyny—the presence of male and female characteristics in one individual. Androgynous individuals describe themselves as ambigender, polygender, or genderless.