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anacatharsis (uncountable)

  1. (medicine) vomiting or expectoration
    • 1990, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine (II), page 158:
      The patient has an abdominal pain, severe abdominal distention, obvious tenderness, rebound tenderness and muscular rigidity over the whole abdomen, disappearance or diminution of bowel sound, anacatharsis, accompanied with systemic toxic symptoms or shock, red tongue with yellow and greasy or yellow and dry fur and deep, thready and rapid pulse.
    • 2007, Li Yajie,Zhao Junwen,Zhong Huasun,et al, “Epidemiological survey on gestational complications and end-results in nursing staffs caused by occupational contacting of chemotherapeutic drugs”, in Chinese Nursing Research, volume 4:
      The status quo of contacting chemotherapeutic drugs, gestational complications (threatened abortion, anacatharsis, anemia, pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome) and pregnancy outcome (term birth, spontaneous abortion, premature delivery, fetal death, exfetation, congenital deformity) of all nurses of the two groups were investigated retrospectively.
    • 2012 November, Noelia D.Arreche, Lorena I.Sarati, Carla R.Martinez, Andrea L.Fellet, & Ana M.Balaszczuk, “Contribution of caveolin-1 to ventricular nitric oxide in age-related adaptation to hypovolemic state”, in Regulatory Peptides, volume 179, number 1-3:
      Hypovolemic state can be due to primary intravascular volume loss (hemorrhage), secondary intravascular volume loss (diarrhea, regurgitation/anacatharsis), or increased unstressed vascular volume (loss of sympathetic tone, vasodilating drugs).

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