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anathema +‎ -ize

Alternative forms[edit]


anathemize (third-person singular simple present anathemizes, present participle anathemizing, simple past and past participle anathemized)

  1. To declare to be anathema; to curse and reject.
    • 1972, Augustinian Studies - Volumes 3-5, page 202:
      What does Augustine want done? He invites Felix to anathemize Mani — but adds, ' magnanimously, ' that no one will compel him to do so. Of course Augustine had just threatened from his cathedra, surrounded by his faithful, to anathemize Felix — with grave possible consequences.
    • 2009, Guido Stucco, God's Eternal Gift, page 674:
      We anathemize all those who say that man can be without sin, if he wants to, without the help of God; we anathemize those who say that death does not come through Adam and that life does not come through Christ; we anathemize those who say that one who is born from two baptized parents does not need to be baptaized;
    • 2015, Erich Goode, The Handbook of Deviance, page 20:
      Likewise, jihadists – Muslim fundamentalists who advocate armed struggle against what they perceive as Islam's enemies – anathemize the secular West, all it stands for, and its inhabitants as well, while secular Westerners express an analogous sentiment, in words and deeds, toward the miltant followers of Muhammad.