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anemo- +‎ -graph


anemograph (plural anemographs)

  1. (obsolete or historical) An anemometer that makes a graphical recording.
    • 1855, “Correspondence of M. Jerome Nicklès, dated Paris, Sept. 1, 1855”, in The American Journal of Science and Arts[1]:
      Other examples of the application of electricity, are the Anemograph of Dumoncel, an instrument for measuring the direction, elevation, and force of the winds; a heat regulator for hot-houses and drying chambers; and a system of electric communication between railroad trains.
    • 2014, David Day, Flaws in the Ice: In Search of Douglas Mawson[2], page 81:
      Two days later, Madigan's anemograph recorded winds of 100 miles per hour for the first time.
    • 2015, Mott T. Greene, Alfred Wegener: Science, Exploration, and the Theory of Continental Drift[3]:
      Almost as bad was the status of the wind data: of his six meteorographs, only one ("Hergesell 104") had a working anemometer, and that instrument lasted only five flights in summer 1907 before it was lost when a cable parted; it functioned principally to help him calibrate his procedure for estimating wind velocity aloft without an anemograph.


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