anerithmon gelasma

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Ancient Greek ἀνήριθμον γέλασμα ‎(anḗrithmon gélasma), from Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound (90).[1]


anerithmon gelasma ‎(uncountable)

  1. Uncountable laughter, said of ocean waves sparkling in sunlight.
    • 1848, James Russell Lowell, Poems.
      With a stomach half full and a cerebrum hollow
      As the tortoise-shell ere it was strung for Apollo,
      Under contract to raise anerithmon gelasma
      With rhymes so hard hunted they gasp with the asthma,
    • 1855, William Makepeace Thackery, Quarterly Review.
      ...give us the placid grinning kings, twanging their jolly bows over the rident horses, wounding those good-humored enemies, who tumble gayly off the towers, or drown, smiling, in the dimpling waters, amidst the anerithmon gelasma of the fish.
    • 1859, Richard F. Burton, The Lake Regions of Central Africa, ISBN 1616401796.
      On one side lies the Indian Ocean, illimitable towrds the east, dimpled with its "anerithmon gelasama," and broken westward by a thin line of foam, creaming upon the whitest and finest of sand, the detritus of coralline and madrepore.


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