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Old French[edit]


From angoisse + infinitive suffix -ier.



  1. to scare; to cause fear
    circa 1170, Chrétien de Troyes, Érec et Énide:
    Sire, quant vos si m'angoissiez,
    La verité vos an dirai,
    Ja plus ne le vos celerai
    Sire, when you scare me so,
    I will tell you the truth,
    I will hide it from you no longer


This verb conjugates as a first-group verb ending in -ier, with a palatal stem. These verbs are conjugated mostly like verbs in -er, but there is an extra i before the e of some endings. The forms that would normally end in *-ss, *-sss, *-sst are modified to s, s, st. Old French conjugation varies significantly by date and by region. The following conjugation should be treated as a guide.

Related terms[edit]