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an- +‎ Ancient Greek ὕδωρ (húdōr, water) +‎ -ous.


anhydrous (comparative more anhydrous, superlative most anhydrous)

  1. Having little or no water.
  2. (physical chemistry) Having no water of crystallization.
    • 1997, A. J. Taylor, D. S. Mothram, editors, Flavour Science: Recent Developments[1], Elsevier, →ISBN, page 63:
      Volatiles of kecap manis and its raw materials were extracted using Likens-Nickerson apparatus with diethyl ether as the extraction solvent. The extracts were then dried with anhydrous sodium sulfate, concentrated using a rotary evaporator followed by flushing using nitrogen until the volume was about 0.5 ml.

Derived terms[edit]