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From animus +‎ advertō.



animadvertō (present infinitive animadvertere, perfect active animadvertī, supine animadversum); third conjugation

  1. I pay attention, attend, focus, concentrate
  2. I notice, observe, take note (of)
  3. I estimate or judge


   Conjugation of animadvertō (third conjugation)
indicative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present animadvertō animadvertis animadvertit animadvertimus animadvertitis animadvertunt
imperfect animadvertēbam animadvertēbās animadvertēbat animadvertēbāmus animadvertēbātis animadvertēbant
future animadvertam animadvertēs animadvertet animadvertēmus animadvertētis animadvertent
perfect animadvertī animadvertistī animadvertit animadvertimus animadvertistis animadvertērunt, animadvertēre
pluperfect animadverteram animadverterās animadverterat animadverterāmus animadverterātis animadverterant
future perfect animadverterō animadverteris animadverterit animadverterimus animadverteritis animadverterint
passive present animadvertor animadverteris, animadvertere animadvertitur animadvertimur animadvertiminī animadvertuntur
imperfect animadvertēbar animadvertēbāris, animadvertēbāre animadvertēbātur animadvertēbāmur animadvertēbāminī animadvertēbantur
future animadvertar animadvertēris, animadvertēre animadvertētur animadvertēmur animadvertēminī animadvertentur
perfect animadversus + present active indicative of sum
pluperfect animadversus + imperfect active indicative of sum
future perfect animadversus + future active indicative of sum
subjunctive singular plural
first second third first second third
active present animadvertam animadvertās animadvertat animadvertāmus animadvertātis animadvertant
imperfect animadverterem animadverterēs animadverteret animadverterēmus animadverterētis animadverterent
perfect animadverterim animadverterīs animadverterit animadverterīmus animadverterītis animadverterint
pluperfect animadvertissem animadvertissēs animadvertisset animadvertissēmus animadvertissētis animadvertissent
passive present animadvertar animadvertāris, animadvertāre animadvertātur animadvertāmur animadvertāminī animadvertantur
imperfect animadverterer animadverterēris, animadverterēre animadverterētur animadverterēmur animadverterēminī animadverterentur
perfect animadversus + present active subjunctive of sum
pluperfect animadversus + imperfect active subjunctive of sum
imperative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present animadverte animadvertite
future animadvertitō animadvertitō animadvertitōte animadvertuntō
passive present animadvertere animadvertiminī
future animadvertitor animadvertitor animadvertuntor
non-finite forms active passive
present perfect future present perfect future
infinitives animadvertere animadvertisse animadversūrum esse animadvertī animadversum esse animadversum īrī
participles animadvertēns animadversūrus animadversus animadvertendus, animadvertundus
verbal nouns gerund supine
genitive dative accusative ablative accusative ablative
animadvertendī animadvertendō animadvertendum animadvertendō animadversum animadversū


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    • to inflict punishment on a person: animadvertere in aliquem
    • to punish some one: animadvertere in aliquem