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anuresis (uncountable)

  1. (medicine) The inability to urinate; the retention of urine in the bladder.
    • 2010, Perminder S. Sachdev, Matcheri S. Keshavan (editors), Secondary Schizophrenia, Cambridge University Press, page 235,
      Kaido [35] describes a 53-year-old Japanese lady whose index presentation was with vomiting, anuresis, and clouded conscious state on a background of 6 months of apathy.
    • 2012, David Foster Wallace, Consider The Lobster: Essays and Arguments[1], page vii:
      Suffice it to say that the urge to look over/down at their penises is powerful and the motives behind this urge so complex as to cause anuresis (which in turn ups the trauma).
    • 2012 March, Paul Nikolaidis, Nancy A. Hammond (guest editors), Frank H. Miller (consulting editor), Genitourinary Imaging, Radiologic Clinics of North America, Volume 50, Number 2, unnumbered page,
      Although rare, symptoms may include lumbar or hip pain, dysuria, oliguria, anuresis, and, more rarely, hematuria and pollakiuria.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Not to be confused with enuresis (bed-wetting) and anuria (failure to produce urine).

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