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From arbor (tree) +‎ -cula (diminutive suffix).



arbuscula f (genitive arbusculae); first declension

  1. Diminutive of arbor: sapling (small tree), shrub, bush
  2. tuft of feathers etc. resembling a bush
  3. (rare) wood bored to receive an axle, therefore possibly the nave of a wheel
    • c. 15 BCE, Vitruvius, De architectura 10:
      Haec autem contineantur ab alteris duobus crassi⟨tudini⟩s I s⟨emissisque⟩, lati⟨tudini⟩s s⟨emissisque⟩; distent autem transversaria inter se circiter pedes III s⟨emissemque⟩. Supponanturque in singulis intervallis eorum arbusculae, quae graece amaxopodes dicuntur, in quibus versantur rotarum axes conclusi lamnis ferreis. Eaeque arbusculae ita sint temperatae, ut habeant cardines et foramina, quo vectes traiecti versationes earum expediant, uti ante et post et ad dextrum seu sinistrum latus, sive oblique ad angulos opus fuerit, ad id per arbusculas versatis progredi possint.
      • 1899 translation by Valentin Rose
        These are tied in by two other pieces, one twelfth high, and one half wide, distant from each other – about a foot and a half, and under each of their intervals are placed the naves of wheels, called in Greek ἁμαξόποδες, within which the axles of the wheels turn in iron hoops. The naves are so made that they have holes in their heads, in which the handspikes being received, are made to turn them. The naves thus revolving, it may be moved forward or backward, to the right or left, or diagonally, as wanted.


First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative arbuscula arbusculae
Genitive arbusculae arbusculārum
Dative arbusculae arbusculīs
Accusative arbusculam arbusculās
Ablative arbusculā arbusculīs
Vocative arbuscula arbusculae


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