as per usual

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as per usual

  1. As usual.
    • 1864, William Martin, “Beavers and Beaver-Meadows in North America”, in Peter Parley’s Annual for 1864: A Christmas and New Year’s Present for Young People,[1] William Kent & Co., page 30,
      As soon as the ice breaks up in the spring, they come to look for the sun, as if they had some doubts of his being as “per usual” in the sky.
    • 1867, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Birds of Prey Volume III,[2] “Book the Seventh: Charlotte’s Engagement”, Chapter “VIII: Christmas Peace”, Ward, Lock, and Tyler, page 296,
      “Talking about the bonnets, as per usual,” said the stockbroker.
    • 2007, Adrian McKinty, The Bloomsday Dead,[3] Simon and Schuster, →ISBN, page 16,
      They’d send the paramilitary police for this one and I’m sure Bridget would have a plan B as per usual.