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asbestos +‎ -ic


asbestic (comparative more asbestic, superlative most asbestic)

  1. Relating to, or resembling, asbestos.



asbestic (uncountable)

  1. A type of wall plaster that is a byproduct of the manufacture of asbestos from serpentine.
    • 1897, The Builder - Volume 73, page 393:
      After the lime and asbestic are thoroughly mixed, the plaster should be allowed to stand at least twenty-four hours before being used.
    • 1897 April 30, Robert H. Jones, “Asbestos and Asbestic: With Some Account of the Recent Discovery of the Latter at Danville, in Lower Canada”, in Journal of the Society of Arts, volume 45, number 2319, page 554:
      They heard of the crushers into which the stone was passed at one end , and of the table at the other end with the cyclones, where the material, which was not asbestic, was rejected, and the asbestic was drawn away as fibre, but they had not heard much of what went on in between, except that there were sieves, jiggers, and various pieces of machinery.
    • 1899, Edward W. Parker, “Asbestos”, in Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey to the Secretary of the Interior, page 714:
      The increased production of nearly 150 per cent in 1897, accompanied by an increase of less than 4 per cent in value , was due to the large amount of asbestic and low grade of fiber included in the product.
    • 2017, Nigel Burch, Lost Mines of the Tamar, page 29:
      In mid-December the mine manager at Anderson's Creek reported that he'd pulled down 50 tons of asbestic and was bagging it prior to carting to Beauty Point.