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  • Hyphenation: as‧par‧tame
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aspartame (usually uncountable, plural aspartames)

  1. (organic chemistry) An artificial sweetener, the methyl ester of a dipeptide formed from aspartic acid and phenylalanine, used in many processed foods and beverages.
    • 2001, C. Keith Conners, Feeding the Brain: How Foods Affect Children, page 38,
      Though reluctant to further expose him to aspartame, I had little trouble persuading Jamie's mother to carry out a double-blind trial in order to more rigorously document her son's aberrant response to aspartame.
    • 2007, Nina Redman, Food Safety: A Reference Handbook, page 37.
      Aspartame, sold under the brand NutraSweet, was discovered accidentally by a scientist at Searle in 1965 who was testing new drugs for gastric ulcers and licked his fingers before picking up a piece of paper.
    • 2008, Frances Sienkiewicz Sizer, Eleanor Noss Whitney, Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies, Volume 10, page 143,
      In powdered form, aspartame is mixed with lactose, so a 1-gram packet contains 4 calories.



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