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astro- +‎ babble


astrobabble (uncountable)

  1. (informal, derogatory) worthless astrological talk
    • 1986, The Skeptical Inquirer (volume 11)
      More subtly, it kills off the very understanding that the real thing is supposed to promote and replaces it with tokens of understanding that have value only in an economy of free-floating, all-purpose astrobabble.
    • 1998, Sara Miles, Eric E. Rofes, Opposite sex: gay men on lesbians, lesbians on gay men (page 28)
      Fluent in astrobabble. Flagrantly philosophical. Fiery for redheads. Awaiting adventure. All femmes need apply.
    • 2007, Johanna Edwards, How to Be Cool
      Dad's astrobabble theory is annoying, but at least it does the trick. Mom lets it drop for now.