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Borrowed from French au fait (literally at fact).


  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˌəʊˈfeɪ/
  • (US) IPA(key): /ˌoʊˈfeɪ/
  • (file)


au fait (comparative more au fait, superlative most au fait)

  1. Being familiar with or informed about something.
    Synonyms: acquainted, at home, conversant, familiar
    Are you au fait with the rules of the game?
    • 1871, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, “The Silent Partner”, in Popular American Literature of the 19th Century, →ISBN, page 857:
      Now there is father; he is au fait in all these matters; has a theory for every case of whooping-cough, – and a mission school.
    • 1999, R.J. Hankinson, The Cambridge History of Hellenistic Philosophy, →ISBN, page 535:
      In that case, it would help to have a benevolent deity who is au fait with those complexities — but that there is such a deity is a feature of Stoic theology.
    • 2003, D R J Laming, Understanding Human Motivation: What Makes People Tick?, →ISBN, page 4:
      This may sound needless to the professional who is au fait with the history and direction of the investigation.

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au fait (invariable)

  1. (followed by de) au fait
    Êtes-vous au fait des règles du jeu ?Are you au fait with the rules of the game?

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au fait

  1. by the way
    Au fait, d’où viens-tu ?By the way, where do you come from?

Usage notes[edit]

Not to be confused with au fait de.