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From Old High German ouh, from Proto-Germanic *auk. Cognate with Dutch ook (also), West Frisian ek (also, too), Luxembourgish och (also), Swedish och (and), Icelandic og (and), and archaic English eke (also).


  • IPA(key): /aʊ̯x/ (standard)
  • IPA(key): /aʊ̯/ (chiefly southern Germany and Austria; also in the northern half in some positions, e.g. before nicht)
  • (file)



  1. also; too; as well (in addition to whatever or whoever has previously been listed)
    Ich will auch ein Eis.Stress on “auch”: I too want icecream.
    Ich will auch ein Eis.Stress on “Eis”: I want icecream, too.
  2. really; actually; indeed (in fact; confirming a preceding statement by someone else)
    Ich will auch ein Eis.Stress on “will”: I actually do want icecream.
    Das ist auch so.Stress on “ist”: It really is like that.
    Hast du das Licht auch ausgemacht?
    Did you make sure to turn off the light?
  3. really; actually; (oh) so (used for emphasis)
    Du bist auch witzig... Wie soll ich das denn ohne Auto alles schaffen?!
    You’re oh so ingenious... How am I supposed to get all of this done without the car?!
  4. even (implying an extreme example in the case mentioned, as compared to the implied reality)
    Auch wenn das stimmt, ist es noch kein endgültiger Beweis.
    Even if this is true, it is no definite proof.
    Auch ein Professor schreibt schon mal was falsch.
    Even a professor may misspell something at times.
  5. ever as in whatever, whenever, however, etc.
    Was du auch tust, es wird immer einer besser sein.
    Whatever you do, someone will always do it better.
  6. (rare, dated) and so




  1. in answering a yes-no question, used to express that the thing asked about covers part of the truth but not all of it; “yes, and more
    Ach, du bist Bauingenieur. Dann baust du Brücken? — Auch.
    Oh, you’re a construction engineer. So you build bridges? — Yeah. And other things, too.

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