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A reconstruction of the skeleton of "Lucy", an australopith

Alternative forms[edit]


australopith (plural australopiths)

  1. (anthropology, paleontology) Any of the hominids of the extinct genus Australopithecus.
    • 2007, Holly M. Dunsworth, Human Origins 101[1], page 78:
      The incisors are more similar in size to the molars compared to earlier australopiths—a condition which is also more humanlike.
      The limb bones indicate A. garhi had small stature like earlier australopiths.
    • 2008, Rob DeSalle, Ian Tattersall, Human Origins: What Bones And Genomes Tell Us About Ourselves, page 118,
      Most authorities would nowadays concur that the australopiths were generally committed to habitats with at least some trees, to which they were more or less tied for sleeping and for shelter from predators during the day, as well as for a large part of their sustenance.
    • 2011, Daniel E. Lieberman, The Evolution of the Human Head[2], page 451:
      Later we'll consider how these principles apply to australopith craniofacial function, but first let's review briefly how different australopiths accommodated large teeth and big masticatory muscles, and how they grew large, buttressed faces.


  • (any member of Australopithecus): australopithecine (depending on the classification scheme used)



australopith (comparative more australopith, superlative most australopith)

  1. (anthropology, paleontology) Of or pertaining to the hominids of the extinct genus Australopithecus.