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automate +‎ -ability


automatability (uncountable)

  1. The quality of being automatable; the ability to be automated.
    • 1981, David R. Dowty et al., Introduction to Montague Semantics, Kluwer, →ISBN, page 261:
      Montague adopted a very strong notion of systematicity and regularity in translation, much stronger than mere effective computability of the translation function (i.e., automatability in principle).
    • 2000, Ricarda Weber, Accounting and Payment Concepts for Fee-based Scientific Digital Libraries, Herbert Utz Verlag, →ISBN, page 262:
      All of these cases raise the issue of computer supportability and automatability of proof procedures.
    • 2010, Thomas Goldschmidt, View-Based Textual Modeling, KIT Scientific Publishing, →ISBN, page 316:
      To validate the applicability of Furcas in practice as well as the automatability of certain aspects, such as the automatic inversion of OCL query expressions, several academic as well as industrial case studies were conducted….