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Etymology 1[edit]

From Proto-Slavic *bъšь.



bȁš (Cyrillic spelling ба̏ш)

  1. (used for emphasis, or as an intensifier) at all, truly, really, exactly
    Ne volim baš nikog!I don't like anybody at all
    Baš ništa?Nothing at all?
    Zar baš ni(t)ko?No one at all?
    Kad baš hoćeš...If you really want to...
    Zašto baš ja?Why me exactly?
  2. (intensifier, informal, sarcastic) just, exactly, really, truly
    Ma, baš sam ti zahvalan!Oh, I am really grateful!
    Ma da? To je baš super!Yeah? That's just great!
  3. just, just about, exactly
    Počelo je kišiti baš kad sam izašao.It started raining just when I left the house.
    Baš sam mislio izaći van!I was just about to go out!
    To je baš što trebam.That's just what I need

Etymology 2[edit]

From Ottoman Turkish باش (baş).



bȁš m (Cyrillic spelling ба̏ш)

  1. (regional) head, chief, elder, leader
  2. (regional, adjectivally) first, main, oldest
Related terms[edit]


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