like the back end of a bus

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Prepositional phrase[edit]

like the back end of a bus

  1. (simile, colloquial, Britain, derogatory) Very unattractive.
    • 2001, "Richard", "A sign of our times...", demon.local [1]
      Not really fighting over her (puns aside). When you get a current beau and an ex, full of booze and testosterone, meeting up, their common interest isn't much of an issue in the subsequent display of machismo. I think she looks like the back end of a bus but, to them, she was a 'possession'.
    • 2002, "Tanuki the Raccoon-dog", I drove a..., [2]
      Must admit, I like the *original* 911s - the original, late-1960s ones back before they fitted bulgey wheelarches and silly tea-tray rear spoilers. They look much more like delicate, precision instruments compared with the later 'sledgehammer" versions [which IMHO are about as attractive as the back end of a bus].
    • 2004, David Platt, "DUCHESS OF YORK NUDE", uk.politics.misc [3]
      You surely can't be comparing Alicia Witt with Sarah Fergusson? Alicia Witt looks stunning, while the duchess of Pork looks like the back end of a bus.
    • 2005, Will Hadcroft, Anne Droyd And Century Lodge
      ‘You’ve got a face like the back end of a bus,’ he spat, his eyes raw and burning. Then he grinned, his yellow-stained teeth spreading across his mush [...]
    • 2006, "sheelagh", "Bookie: Did you adopt the blind cat?", [4]
      As I once told him, being British, looking like the back end of a bus or weighing 30 stone, was utterly irrelevant to the posting i made




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