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backsheesh ‎(plural backsheeshes)

  1. Alternative spelling of baksheesh
    • 2005, New Zealand Herald,, "Enigma of the smile on the Nile", December
      They don't show people demanding backsheesh but I suspect it happened back then because it seems bred into the local psyche
    • 1977, Joseph Krimsky, Pilgrimage & Service - Page 20-21
      We see the immense, massive granite sarcophagi which had contained the embalmed mummies of the worshipped animals, coming out of this labyrinth, we pay our backsheesh, remount our donkeys and return to the automobile.
    • 1899, Mark Twain,
      As we paid the backsheesh out to sore-eyed children and brown, buxom girls with repulsively tattooed lips and chins, we filed through the town...


backsheesh ‎(third-person singular simple present backsheeshes, present participle backsheeshing, simple past and past participle backsheeshed)

  1. Alternative spelling of baksheesh