bad news travels fast

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bad news travels fast

  1. Bad news circulates quickly because people often spread it everywhere.
    • 1992, Robert L. Genua, Managing Your Mouth: An Owner's Manual for Your Most Important Business Asset, →ISBN:
      After all, reorganizations, personnel changes, new policies on subjects such as travel and expense reports, are everyday occurrences, but the rumor that the Vice President of Sales has a son at college who was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, aha! That is another matter. That is news! Once put out on the grapevine, it will travel with blinding speed around the circuit. Bad news travels fast.
    • 2011, Wendy Hornsby, Bad Intent, →ISBN:
      Bad news travels fast, especially when it travels by satellite. I had picked up the receiver with a sense of dread. I expected to hear on the other end an obscene caller, a local news person looking for fresh dirt, a concerned but nosy friend.
    • 2012, J.W. James III, North Beach Road, →ISBN, page 66:
      In small towns, as the saying goes, bad news travels fast. St. Charles, Idaho was no exception. Recent going's on eventually makes their way to people one might not expect.



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